5 Things My Sons Will Inherit When I Die

Boy By Grave

What every father can gift to their sons when they die.

Addiction, Genetics, and My Father’s Hands


Seeing his father in himself reminds Brian Shea of the things he’d rather not inherit.

How To Leave Your Legacy

photo kevin dooley

Eric Leech believes you should not only create your legacy. You should live it.

Too Many Fatherless Father’s Days

modeling fatherhood, becoming a father, fatherless fathers

Patrick Caneday didn’t know what he was missing, growing up without a father around, until he became a father, himself.

What If the Kids Don’t Want Our Church?

photo © 2010 Dima Bushkov, Flickr

What happens when a generation comes along that doesn’t care about the game you’ve spent so much time buying equipment for?

Unmarried and Unequal


Why The Alternatives to Marriage Project fights for unmarried equality.

Jim’ll Fux It


What forces might have made Jimmy Savile a sexual predator and allowed him to get away with it all his life? Ben Belenus on our personal sex gods.

The Most Valuable Gifts Are the People in Our Lives


My birthday gift coupon from Tiffany said, “My brother-in-law Mark is yours for 24 hours.”

What’s a Man To Do? New Work for 2012 and Beyond


Find the new good life.

A Family Inheritance


For Lucas Ahlsen, it’s more than a family crest or some coins.