Why We Run #14: The Journey


I run for what I was. And what I am.

When Athletes Die Playing The Game


In the wake of the death of Cricketer Phillip Hughes, Mike Kasdan looks back at Hank Gathers and reflects on the rare tragedy of in game deaths by athletes. — About a month ago, the sports world was shaken by the news of the death of Phillip Hughes, the twenty-five year old Australian cricket star […]

Avoid Sports Injuries with Stephen Arroyo’s PT Tips for Families

steven a

Stephen Arroyo talks preventive strategies for injuries.

What Happens When We Push Beyond Our Limits?


It was race day, and the first time Steve O’Neill had ever run a half-marathon. Here’s how he felt when he crossed that finish line.

Bloody Mother’s Day


“My mother and I are bound, as it should be, in both clumsiness and blood,” writes N.C. Harrison.

Diplomas or Dollars: What Is the Student-Athlete-as-Employee Case Really About?

Northwestern University, Wildcats, Kain Colter, football, unions, athletics

There’s a reason ‘student’ comes first in ‘student-athlete.’

The Good Thing About Injuries


Injuries are part of sports and exercise. Dr. Stephen Petteruti explains how to make them a positive thing. I’m a firm believer in anti-aging medicine. Not as a pill, or hormone, but as a way of living. A pursuit. The brave fight against the ticking clock. Marching all of our forces to fight the foe […]

How Do You Become One of the Best Freestyle Skiers? Watch Simon Dumont Make Progress Over a Decade

Simon Dumont Freestyl Skier

This video is not for the faint of heart.

So Many Hurts: Coping With Aches and Pains


Powerlifter N.C. Harrison recounts his many injuries, some of which are a legacy of the “face and hands” era of American football.

The Boy Who was Bit by an Ass and Lived to Tell the Tale


On how embarrassing stories from childhood are sometimes remembered by others as bravery.

What a Female Pro Wrestler Taught Me About Courage


NC Harrison reflects on the career-ending injury suffered by his favorite female pro wrestler, a woman whose achievements he admired and whose hurts he understood.

Former Father of the Year

son in cast

There are two reasons Rob Azevedo doesn’t brag about his former title.

Cancellation of Turkey Bowl Spoils Thanksgiving for Men

Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving without football is like dessert without pie for these near-middle-aged men

“In my son’s game, they stopped calling face-masks because ‘it was taking too long.'”


This is a comment by Shannon Fabry on the post “FIVE Concussions in One Pop-Warner Football Game”.

Trauma Recovery: The Inner War on Terror


The U.S. loses more of its soldiers to suicide than to combat. What trauma specialists have learned from sex abuse survivors may help combat veterans heal, as well. MaleSurvivor’s Chris Anderson reports.

“Forgiveness is not a verb, but a place that one gradually arrives at after internal work.”


This is a comment by Drew on the post “Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You”.