My Take on Forgiveness 

Being able to move past our abuse is what we all want.

Can You Respect The Man But Not The Opinion?

Can you respect a person but not their opinions or have they become so intertwined as to become indistinguishable?

For Dads on Talking to Their LGBT Children….While They Are Still Children

Many dads have found graceful acceptance when their teen or adult child comes out them as LGBT. What happens when it occurs when your child — is still a child? Dr. Jenifer O’Ryan gives guidance.

‘Elf’ is All About Acceptance and Embracing Your Inner Child

Movies reflect the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Here is what our community says about a classic Christmas film.

Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Divine Child

The Divine Child rejects the cold, stiff version of masculinity that leaves no room for play, emotion, or innocence.

5 Harsh Realities I WISH I’d Taught My Son About Police

I raised my son to trust police. I should’ve also taught him how to protect himself from them.

Breaking Open

Peter LaBerge writes tenderly about his grandfather and the mysterious powers that young boys sometimes attribute to their elders.

The Exquisite Beauty of Innocence

Vaughan Granier knows there is a time and a place for learning new things that introduce more adult views and understandings to young children. But there is no day or place on earth where he wants that to be decided for his children by someone other than their parents.

5 Things My Dog Taught Me About God

Lori Lothian is pretty sure there’s something divine about man’s best friend.

Anna’s Mail

John Brier writes about his first breakup—dealing with feelings of rejection, innocence and inner worth—and an exercise in vulnerability.

The Innocence of Man

Elisabeth Corey has every reason to see men as evil. But there is one reason she doesn’t.

Take a Risk if You Dare

Bored by our careful culture of risk aversion, Ged Naughton lays down a challenge: Do something new and different for once. Take a risk!

Dumb boy face

Mastered in childhood and carried into adulthood, the dumb boy face is a pernicious mask handy for avoiding accountability, writes Craig Bloomstrand.

The Last Perfect Day: An Excerpt from ON SAL MAL LANE

“Mr. Niles’s words rang in his ears: Long ago, he was just a boy like you.” By Ru Freeman

Growing Up on Planet Porn

Were our kids sexually healthier when sexual images were harder to come by?

The Edge of Innocence

Let your children dream about peace and beauty and hope. Let them believe that they are lightning rods for global change.