Can You Skateboard Without Wheels?

without wheels

Get your bearings straight and be ready to roll on a wheelless skateboard

Reclaiming Wonder From Above our Small Blue Home

Earth in Hand

We live on a fragile, small planet in a wondrous huge universe. We have to give it the care and respect it needs to sustain us.

#Trending: Using Social Media to Find Society’s Patterns

social media, trending, ice bucket challenge

How we interact with each other can often times be viewed in patterns. Social media is letting us completely redefine what it means to experience these trends.

Claude Shannon: The Man who Turned Paper into Pixels


He’s the man you never heard of, but should have.

Why the Warming World Deserves to Hear Your Idea

Warming Worldly Promo

Warming Worldly™ needs to hear your voice; step up, speak up!

Want Your Creativity Back? Tim Mousseau Suggests Five Ways How

creativity, innovation,

Reclaiming creativity means moving beyond the fear of being judged by others.

The World’s Classrooms are Teaching Climate Change & Philly’s Schools Can Barely Open its Doors

Stairs-Lucid Nightmare-flickr

In order to ensure a smarter and greener world, we must not allow our under-funded schools to get in the way of education.

3 Things Entrepreneurs can Learn from Watching Wrestling

taker-jonathan bachman-ap

The backstage of professional wrestling can teach critical business strategies that have proven to work across industries.

These Boys Will Never Forget Meeting the Millennial Who Gets Paid to Think

B.O.L.D member Juwan Bennett poses w/ Lorraine Troy, Executive Director, Choice Mentoring, at the 19th annual Boy’s Power Lunch.

B.O.L.D member Juwan Z. Bennett tells a group of black boys “there’s greatness in you!”

4 Things I Wished I Learned in Public School & Why

Barratt Front

My entire childhood was spent registered as Philadelphia Public School student, yet the information I needed to succeed was learned outside school walls.

Can Playing Polyrhythms Give Birth to Polymaths?


My Mind on Drums: How I enable creativity that fosters innovation and advance thought leadership.

How Going to the Bathroom Produced a Policy Recommendation for Climate Change Adaptation

urinals-Rupert Ganzer-flickr

As the world warms, lawmakers need to enact meaningful water conservation policies.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Need That Money Can’t Buy

to do-Courtney Dirks-flickr

Make sure you’ve crossed these five things off the to-do list before approaching venture capitalist, applying for a business loan or crowd-sourcing funds.