How To Escape The Divorce Insanity

Martha Bodyfelt offers a two-part exercise to start managing your divorce stress so that you can start getting your life back.

A Day w/o Gun Sanity = A Day with Senseless Death & Heartbreak

Sending our kids to elementary school or college, attending a political rally or going to the movies, hanging out at the corner store or walking home with a snack, should not be a death sentence.

Manhood, Guns, Mass Murders, and Insanity

When you lose your identity, it’s called insanity. And for some men, manhood is their identity.

My Husband is Crazy

“He was losing his mind. He knew it, she knew it.”

Of Course Not Love

Of Course Not Love   I eat bananas and wait for you, And I live not in St. E’s. I would say it is your voice, Not the clowns, Down. The neck is innocent enough, Not the lower lip of your face, Which no man touches or kisses, Unless I am psychotic. Shall we picnic? […]


$7.99   I am all mad like the bunny Rabbit a secret agent loosed Upon the world I’m off to Tibet to Bring beauty and justice To the Pyrenees.   The girl the associate in the bakery shop More beautiful, Not for her visage but Because she labors and therefore Is beautiful. Give her 55, […]

Chained to a Madman: Charged With Grand Larceny at 19

Eventually Steve Jaeger got himself on the right path, but not before he was shackled to a deranged prisoner who thought there was a witch inside of him.

On Porn, Being Discreet, and Insanity

Hugo Schwyzer responds to Naomi Wolf’s post: “Is Porn Driving Men Crazy?”

Chilean Bike Race Defines Insanity

This is a death wish.