Manferiority Complex?

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How Facebook Could be Threatening Your Romantic Relationship

Technology can also have a toxic effect on intimate relationships, one of which is Facebook’s potential to exacerbate romantic insecurity.

Gay Men are Hitting on Me Now — and I’m Terrified

It has seemed easier, then, to let the gay dreamboats of OkCupid go unanswered than venture into the depths of that pain and insecurity.

What Was Lost When Donald Trump Feared We Might Think He Has a Small Penis

A gay dad sounds off on the candidates who decided that penises, over policies, were appropriate campaign dialogue. Will our sons lose sight of a culture that valued being a “gentleman?”

Who Are You in Your Relationships? A Master or a Victim?

A master loves, a victim blames. Are you acting out of fear or out of love?

Guys… Stop Being Judgmental Jerks

Do you refrain from sitting in judgment of your fellow man for what you see as his economic, athletic, sexual, academic, physical or other deficiencies?

Insecure Girlfriend? Try These 3 Things

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Confidence vs. Arrogance (the Confident vs. the Arrogant)

There is a definitely a difference, and it’s something you should know.

Is Financial Infidelity the Latest Scare Tactic?

Be afraid — your husband,wife, or partner may be an independent being!

My Daughter’s Tragic Journey; My Heartbreak and Guilt

A child is moved from an abusive home to a stable and loving one, only to be taken back again. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

How to Hold a Woman

When you learn how to really hold a woman you also learn why it so important to be held by her as well…

13 Dating Things Guys Feel Insecure About

His face might say, “Whatever, brah,” but his heart is saying, “Dude, bro.”

My Dad’s Great Birthday Present

  On his late father’s birthday, a dad ponders on what he’s learned from his father. He looks at his kids, and suddenly, he knows. —   It’s my dad’s birthday today. He’d have been 74. 4 and a half years ago he woke up, had a coffee and died in his lounge room with […]

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Tor Constantino shares parental precautions for the #1 photo-sharing site among kids.

A Dad’s Message to Super Hero Parents: the Future Needs Your Kick-Ass Kids

Dear parents: You may be a superhero. Don’t be scared. We believe in you. This dad shows you how to put on your cape and show your kids how to save the world.

Why Are You So Defensive?

Anyone who has been in a relationship has been asked the question, but what is the answer and how can we change it?