Double Deutsch Vision: Sight and Insight are Different Things

sight without vision

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.

7 Reasons an Ex Is Another Person in Your Life to Be Grateful For

ex photo by kevint3141

Look at the bright side, no matter how damaging our dating experiences are, we learn something very important from each person we open our hearts to.

Are Comedians Sad? A Stand-Up Comic’s Response

kermet stage

As the world struggled to make sense of Robin Williams suicide, a friend asked stand-up comedian Kermet Apio if it’s true that comedians are sad people. This was his answer.

Man In The Mirror: How Empathy Creates Insight


Dr. Bill Cloke examines why some men fail to use empathy, and how to help solve the problem and open up understanding.

Are We Really Ready For Emotionally Intelligent Men?

Emotionally Intelligent Men

Sure, we want to raise emotionally intelligent boys but are we ready for when they grow up?

The Fear of Being Alone


Why being alone can be the best thing for you.

The Transcendental Potential of Chores

the transcendational potential of chores

Bruce Ditman has a small insight about a big topic while washing dishes. [Video]

Sex and Tarot: Surprisingly Good Combination


Natalie Vartanian’s used to looking for insight in unusual places, but not used to finding quite this much.

Insights On Respect From a 13-Year-Old Boy


On different levels of respect, fake love, fake hate, and more.

The Rising Tide

Rising Tide

When the voice inside Jonathan Footerman’s head said, “leave your cushy office job and go learn how to sail a yacht”, Jonathan listened. Here is the first in a series of his story.

I Never Thought I Needed Role Models

nelson mandela, atalwin polin

Atalwin Pilon thought he had to figure out everything by himself. What a surprise when he looked to others and things suddenly got easier.

God Nods at the Piano


How does learning piano teach spiritual freedom? Brian Bowers discovers the big lessons in the small ones.

Simon’s Kitchen


There is something holy and dignified about doing the dishes.