Soul-Searching of an American Insomniac

Insomnia 2

I am an American and an insomniac … and that link is not coincidental.

I Am Not Depressed

I am Not Depressed by .v1ctor Casale.

How we define depression socially and medically creates a stereotype of emotional injustice.

From BLACK MOON, by Kenneth Calhoun

Black Moon hires cover

“She could so easily recall the dark weight of him in the bed next to her, sinking deeper into shame as his body failed him yet again.” By Kenneth Calhoun

Justin Bieber Just Moved To My Neighborhood…

AP/Jordan Strauss

Cliff Mazer is a therapist and a dad, and he wants to help Justin Bieber get his s**t together.

I Eat My Pain

photo by deviant art

In Jackie Summers’ experience, people are always telling you to “just get over it” when it comes to emotional pain. They rarely, as Jackie does here, tell you how.

To Dream, Perchance to Sleep

portrait-by lilaclion-flickr

Jackie Summers has a rousing middle-of-the-night romp that turns into his arch-enemy: Insomnia.

I Am Still Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the dark photo by elbragon

Christian Clifton knows that at this stage in his life, as a young man, “confidence should exude outwards like a wave.” Why, then, does he live in such fear?

How to Power Down in a World of Sleep Deprivation


We’re over-stimulated and we don’t give our bodies what they need to properly rest. Here are some tips to help you get back your zzz’s.

You Did WHAT to Your Child?

photo by juhansonin

The surprising solution to a no-sleep toddler that Michael Noll received from his doctor.

“In 2007 we met and fell in love. We instinctively slept completely wrapped around and enveloped in one another.”


Do you sleep in the same bed as your significant other? Do you find yourselves happier and able to sleep better in different beds, or do you prefer to be wrapped around your loved one?

7 Surprising Things That Sex Cures


Get down and get rid of these symptoms!

Left and Leaving


“Loneliness, poverty, homelessness—these don’t seem to bother him as much as having to announce that he doesn’t have what it takes to keep his marriage going.” By Christopher Ross

Missing the Days Before You Were Married


The glass of retrospect distorts, for a moment, a married man’s memories of his globetrotting single days .

The Power of Sleep

naptime kitten with tiny rubber ducky

Carl Pettit feels sorry for the American insomniac, from sleepless in Seattle to the city that never sleeps.

F*ck Club

Photo by Polina Sergeeva

“The first rule about F*ck Club is: you don’t blog about F*ck Club.”

Sleepless Night: Waiting for Morning With a Girl on My Mind


Lying in bed and trying to sleep it off isn’t exactly the best way to get over an ex…