Mercadinho or A Little Market

shore shack

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure story

O Young Lion What Future Shall We Create?

civil rights patriots

Well steeped words of advice for changing the world

Explore Explore


Freedom and being free and far from the same

We are Wanderers


“The world is full of people who share hopes and dreams of a grand future for humanity – be it here on Earth or on other worlds.”

Finding Inspiration: Stalking the Bogeyman


A powerful play with a message of hope and healing.

This is One Man’s Fight

one mans fight

One man’s fight to persevere, and the strength we find within our idols.

A Strange Evening Walk With a Man Who Doesn’t Miss Much

park light

The place surrounding you, this is your environment, walk. The details that inspire are there to be found.

Life Lessons From My First Car

Woodie Car

Finding happiness by loving life like a used car: AS IS

Pathways to Being Good

broken path

How can a man get from the mud to the stars?

Don’t Let Despair Have the Last Word in Your Life

Dr King

Jim Rigby finds inspiration in the life and loss of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Beyond Politics: Privacy, Disability and The Public Eye


Erin Kelly examines Chris Hayden’s recent decision to publicly reveal the fact he has a disability, despite being US Senator Kay Hagan’s press secretary.

Inside The Mind Of An Inventor


This guy is living the wacky inventor dream: jet bike, remote control trash can, wall of death, and even the world’s fastest toilet!

Bob Feller: On Greatness


The baseball great on opportunity, failure, and success.

How to Defeat Failure in 60 Seconds (Video)


Failure, we all have experienced it! This video shows you how to defeat failure in 60 seconds.

A Well Trained Man Reflects on Tea

reflection  Stewart:Flickr

Inner balance can be found in a cup of tea. Rick Matz shares his favorite quotes about this meditative beverage.

Moving Up the Generational Ladder: How My Grandfather’s Death Saved My Family

Moving Up the Generational Ladder: How My Grandfather’s Death Saved My Family

Kevin Sterling reflects on the profound personal lessons and inspirations he was able to glean from his grandfather’s long and storied life.