The Greatest 4th Quarter Performance I’ve Ever Witnessed!

My wife’s final month of pregnancy has surpassed anything I could’ve imagined.

At the Threshold, What do Men have to Dream on?

The Joy of standing at the the door, the threshold, ’tis best to pause awhile and enjoy the moment before stepping thro’.

You Can Lead a Man to Freedom…

Are you a man who “has freedom” or are you “being free”?

Babies Aren’t Born with Courage, and Neither are Men

When you do what you’re called to, you can trust the courage you need will follow.

Solitude Can be Good for a Man’s Soul

Time, opportunity, and fish can be found in the everyday if you look close enough.

How a Man can not Reflect Harsh Things

The solution may be as effortless as the work of a wave.

A Man has the Rest of Today and all of Tonight

All of tomorrow for the rest of his life.

Why It’s a Good Thing You Didn’t Win the $1.5 Billion Lottery Jackpot Last Week

If you’re reading this sentence, you’re probably not on an island in the South Pacific, sipping Mai Tais while tiny little goldfish nibble on your feet keeping your formerly sandpaper like skin silky smooth. Which means you didn’t win the billion and a half dollar lottery last week. Neither did I. In fact, my wife […]

How Has Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspired You?

A man asked his friends this simple question on social media and the responses are both eye-opening and heartwarming.

Go, Explore Man. Do it Now!

Go outside your norm and shake up your perspective.

Skew the View on Man’s Horizon

Are there troubles ahead sand and man?

You Have to Grow, You Don’t Have Time to Not Try

Midlife Crisis you say? Life has passed you by? You are afraid of death?

I Just Turned 30; I’m Officially Too Old to Care

I’m not too old to care about things that are important or worthwhile or that I enjoy doing. But I am too old to care about nonsense and negativity and about the consequences of being myself.

‘Why I Write’ Series: A Call for Submissions

We want to hear the story of the “why” behind your words.

A Daughter’s Poetic Legacy From Her Dad

A poem called “Jimmy (For you Pops)”

Post Thanksgiving Gratitude – Looking for the Good and Finding it at Home

Turn off the news and focus on happy memories. That’s where gratitude begins.