How a Seemingly Meaningless Doodle Changed My Entire Life

How a Seemingly by justin lincoln

Allan Ishac describes the moment of insight that brought him into his creative calling.

How to Get Out of Your Creative Rut

How to Get Out by wellcast

Creative people often go through dry spells. Wellcast helps get your ideas flowing again.

7 Reasons Why Leaders Don’t Realise Their Potential


Let’s face it, as a leader most people are going to think that you have got your sh*t sorted.

What No One Told Me about Chronic Pain

chronic pain

The pain is the easiest part.

Nature is Something to be Felt Rather Than Known


Nature is something to be felt rather than known, it has an essential wildness that defies being caged and classified.

Bring Your Best Self to Each Day

Bring Your Best by Thomas Fiffer

Thomas Fiffer shares an inspiring image and thoughts for making each day bright.

The Kid From Tomkinsville


What speaks to a boy more than sports? A book about sports, of course.

Why Jealousy is Good For You


How much room do we have for painful emotions?

Listen to The Mountain Storksbill

mountain storkbill

A man in a moment in nature can perceive amazing things if he opens himself.

77 Quotes That Will Help You Live Your Life on Purpose

77 Quotes by Thomas Fiffer

Taking charge of your life means being intentional. Steve Spring shares the quotes that help him stay focused.

Out of the Race


When you share your name with a person of greatness, it makes you ponder your own abilities.

3 Secrets to Beginning Your Success Right Now


The race doesn’t begin at the starting line, it begins with the desire to run.

The Meaning of Life is Ubiquitous


Charlie Scaturro explains why he thinks the meaning of life is ever-present

A Dad Falls for the Irresistible Magnetism That is Parker Pearson


One fateful day the author met Parker Pearson, his world changed, and he will never be the same again. Here’s why.

The Time of Abundance is Here!


Immerse yourself in the richness of nature.

Turn Inspiration Into Action

good idea

How many times have you read a great article, or had an idea, or wanted to make a change … but then didn’t?