Do We Choose to Forgive?


How do we decide to forgive or not forgive?

The Senseless Sense


Soul and spirit, sense and the senses are there more lines than the shores shifting sands?

Inspiration Unpacked: It’s Not the End

john lennon

Whatever you think is going to put an end to you, bankruptcy, disease, divorce – if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

Lessons from a Man Who Conquered Cancer for 57 Years


When Mark Crooks, PhD, endured disfiguring cancer at age eight, he toughened up and battled a pernicious disease for the rest of his life. In spite of four recurrences, he thrived for the next 57 years.

Living Without Water, Until Surfers Changed His Life


There is a big world out there to explore and Sammy the grommet from Sumba is keen to see it all.

Signs of Life

life 1

Open heart, open mind, open to what signs of life may come

Nuggets of Wisdom From Don Miguel Ruiz


Gerry Ellen categorizes the ten most inspirational philosophies of Don Miguel Ruiz. Prepare for perspective presented by a modern day Mexican spiritualist.

Charlie Chaplin’s Love Yourself Manifesto


Comedian and social visionary, Charlie Chaplin shared a manifesto of love, and possibly life too.

Man Makes Magical Waves


Or is he made from wave magic?

Living the Dream on His Own Terms


The ‘Little House on the Prius’ that’s got Australia talking….

We are Social Creatures

social creature feature

So let’s go with the flow

Christmas Eve Carry Out

christmas eve cary out

Rev. Neil O’Farrell discovers where we might find peace on earth

Mercadinho or A Little Market

shore shack

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure story

O Young Lion What Future Shall We Create?

civil rights patriots

Well steeped words of advice for changing the world

Explore Explore


Freedom and being free and far from the same

We are Wanderers


“The world is full of people who share hopes and dreams of a grand future for humanity – be it here on Earth or on other worlds.”