The Human Jukebox is Mind-Blowing (Video)


Two men play their instruments while people vote to change the style, artist, and speed at which they are playing.

Communicating a Need


While some ideas drown in noise, 1BlueString is bringing the voices of the 1in6 men that have been sexually abused to the surface.

Culture: Five Year Old Speaks Seven Languages & Plays Six Instruments [@myshelltabu]

Five-year-old, Mabou Loiseau, speaks seven languages and plays six instruments.

Guestpost #23: Josh McNorton – Ten things I’ve learned from playing music

Josh McNorton is one of those guys who is always fun to hang out with in any social situation…a connector. And then he has this deep, poetic side that seems almost jarringly different from his gregarious personality. He’s a character, is what I’m saying…and it all works somehow. He’s worked up and down the music […]

The 10 at 10

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Smile. You got through the most depressing day of the year.