Dirty, Sexy, Crazy Gun Culture

We, the American People, have a lot to say about the epidemic of gun violence in this country. Here, a round-up of the best from the Good Men Project, and the world wide web.

When Men Need Surgery: How Do You Shop For It?

Shopping for consumer friendly surgery packages shouldn’t be an exercise in futility.


In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” a car named Kiki gets in an accident. But what really hurts is the crash between the present and the past.

My Wife and I Don’t Have Jobs. This Makes People Nervous.

Mike Sliwa believes people worry about the future and miss the present.

Are Americans Spending Too Much On Weddings?

An annual study reveals what American couples spend just to get married.

Dear John: Are Her Feelings More Important Than The Mortgage?

An unreasonable spouse over insurance, missing information about a sister, and a broken ankle on a neighbor’s icy porch.

A Market Driven Solution to Counter the Proliferation of Gun Violence

Mark Greene says its time to require gun owners to insure their weapons.

Can Cord Blood Storage Protect Your Kids?

Father considers what benefits he got from cord blood storage service

My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court

After his sister was killed by a reckless, underinsured driver, Matt Fisher and his family were forced to sue to try to collect the insurance policy on which his sister had been paying.

Would My Boss Need A Note From My Doctor About My Allergy Meds Too?

Julie Gillis believes employers should be prevented from getting involved in your medical history.

Plants I Have Known

Following an emotional career-long battle with his customers’ shrubbery, Mark Ellis has begun to reconcile his relationship with decorative greenery.


“When I pulled into my father’s driveway, the car’s headlights illuminated him standing behind his work table, his Labrador, Scotty, stretched across the table’s surface.” By John Warner

Guestpost #23: Josh McNorton – Ten things I’ve learned from playing music

Josh McNorton is one of those guys who is always fun to hang out with in any social situation…a connector. And then he has this deep, poetic side that seems almost jarringly different from his gregarious personality. He’s a character, is what I’m saying…and it all works somehow. He’s worked up and down the music […]

Guestpost #10: Jess Grant – Ten things I’ve learned from temping as a receptionist at a reinsurance office

Jess Grant is one of the best improvisers in Canada. She is a Mainstage ITC performer (as part of two “House Party” teams), a gifted actress, and an overall terrific person. When she is famous, I will tell people that I asked her out but she turned me down. This is her ITC bio: http://www.impatient.ca/people/jess-grant/ There […]