When Social Justice Forgets Its Compassion

eric garner choked

Kimberly Foster of ForHarriet.com won’t march on behalf of Eric Garner, because she’s only concerned with women at the moment.

What a BuzzFeed Quiz Taught Me About Privilege


BuzzFeed’s “How Privileged Are You?” quiz exposed to Pauline Gaines the blind spots in her understanding of privilege. She also discovered the ominous limitations of such a test.

On Not Speaking For Other People


Are you speaking up for others, or are you shouting them down?

Dominant Group Privilege: Contextual, Conditional, Intersectional


To fully understand privilege we must break through its hard outer shell.

What Happens When White Fathers Leave Their Black Daughters?

photo by pinksherbert

Bea Hinton grew up hoping her white father would show up on the doorstep and whisk her away into a happy white family, the kind she sees on TV. That never happened. Here’s what did.

I Almost Witnessed a Hate Crime

end hate, hate crimes, LGBTQ hate crimes, racism in LGBTQ community, intersection of race sexuality, Zach Stafford, Good Men Project

“I am a person of color and I am gay, and I live within a LGBTQ community that seems to not be able to reconcile that.”

Intersectionality: Challenging Though Essential for Liberation

Bhumi bridge

Warren Blumenfeld with a personal essay on where our social identities come from and how we live with them.

Gay Men’s Sexism and Women’s Bodies


Yolo Akili explores how gay men’s sexism and male privilege shows up in relationship to women.

Litterbox Guarding


Questioning someone’s right to be in a public restroom is a form of bullying.

Why They Call It Intersectionality


Ally Fogg provides a powerful metaphor for the traffic life throws at us from different directions.

The Place Where Things Collide

photo by stopbits

Lisa Hickey explores the intersectionality of issues on The Good Men Project: race, gender, fatherhood, language, prejudices, sexuality

Social Justice 101 Part 2: Agents of Kyriarchy

Someone might notice that, when I talk about kyriarchy, the passive voice happens a lot. “People with disabilities are denied accommodations.” “Queer people are made to feel weird and outcast.” “People of color are sometimes asked to speak for their entire race.” Sometimes it’s not passive voice. Sometimes I use “society” or “cultural narratives” or […]

Social Justice 101 Part One: I Blame the Kyriarchy

I have decided it has been entirely too long since I wrote a giant-ass series. (Yes, people in the back, I can hear you groaning.) In short, I now think it is time for a giant-ass series about my premises and ideas on social justice and gender egalitarianism. Part One: The Kyriarchy!

Horrifying Story of Assaulted Trans Man

Trigger warning for the violent assault of a trans man. From Tumblr, we have this lovely story of a trans man, James Alexander, who was violently assaulted for being trans. (Warning: link contains pictures of his facial injuries. They’re harrowing.)

Troy Davis

On Wednesday, Troy Davis, a man who may well have been innocent of the crime for which he was convicted, was executed. Troy Davis was accused of killing Mark MacPhail, a Georgia police officer. Seven of the nine principal prosecution eyewitnesses changed all or part of their testimony, many alleging police coercion in getting their testimony. In addition, three […]

Femmephobia: Two Misconceptions

Trigger warning for brief mentions of rape. Mod Note: If you want to go argue about trans people and cissexism, argue on this thread. I have recently been doing a lot of posts about femmephobia, i.e., the cultural fear, hatred and devaluation of femininity (i.e. weakness, vulnerability and various traits that attempt to appeal to the powerful, […]