An Insightful Conversation with Cristina Vee

Cristina Vee was at Fanime this year and Jay Snook was able to ask her a few questions Here is a Bio on Cristina Vee: Cristina ‘Vee’ Valenzuela is a anime and video game voice actress residing near Los Angeles, California. In addition to her work as a voice actress and director, Cristina is also […]

Carleton King Opts to Tell the Truth at the Harlem Repertory Theatre

— If you follow the emotions then you get the idea where the inspiration comes from. — Carleton King grew up in Brooklyn, had head shots as an infant and was pushed toward the profession by his parents. Even so, he always knew he had a knack and grew with the craft by studying acting […]

Exploring South Korea’s Illegal Tattooing Scene

Travel to Korea to meet the brave men and women who love tattoos even though they live in a nation that bans them.

Burns Film Center Hosts Q & A With Jeremy Irons 1982 Film, ‘Moonlighting’

Rich Monetti reviews an interview with Jeremy Irons.

Ivana Trump Has Nothing Against Mexicans As Long As They’re Cleaning Her House

Czechoslovakia native Ivana Trump agrees with her ex-hubby, GOP frontrunner Donald, on his problem with immigrants, according to an interview with New York Post.

Ivy DoomKitty is a Cosplayer who Loves her Fans

Ivy Doomkitty was in San Jose for Silicon Valley Comic Con and Jay Snook was able to ask her a few questions

The 5 Stages Of Sizing Up Another Parent Before A Play Date

Allow me to introduce you to a little something known as “The Call” …

Steve Wozniak Wax Figure Unveiled in San Jose

The figure was unveiled to attendees and Steve Wozniak for the first time at Silicon Valley Comic Con Silicon Valley Comic Con was this last weekend and brought all kinds of panels, famous celebrities and a huge amount of people in cosplay but it wanted to stand apart from the pack. So on Saturday March […]

What Should You do With Your Hands During a Job Interview?

Many people can relate to getting a case of “awkward hands” in high-stress situations like job interviews. So why not go into your next one prepared?

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Chrissy B Show

PTSD: Trauma and the road to recovery.

The NFL’s Steve Weatherford: Super Fitness Role Model and Super Dad Role Model

As the world prepares for Super Bowl weekend, Matt Sweetwood interviews NFL’s Steve Weatherford!

Listen to the Good Men Project Values on Live Radio This Saturday Night

Saturday, The Good Men Project Executive Editors will be on live northern California radio.

Listen or call in as they have the conversation no one else is having!

Ian Edwards: When You Start Out Doing Stand-up Comedy at Burger King, It’s All Good From There

Ian Edwards is honestly funny and funny, honestly. He talks to The Good Men Project’s Josh Bowman about his life, comedy and a refusal to be pigeonholed.

What My 15 Year Old Son Taught Me About Being a Man

Turning 18 is a piece of cake, becoming a man is a piece of history. What is the difference?

When ‘Married Sex’ Is Not at All What You Think It Is

An interview with author Jesse Kornbluth.

What Makes a Man? An Interview with My 15 Year Old Son

Sean Swaby interviews his 15 year old son about the experiences that make you a man.