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Saturday, The Good Men Project Executive Editors will be on live northern California radio.

Listen or call in as they have the conversation no one else is having!

Ian Edwards: When You Start Out Doing Stand-up Comedy at Burger King, It’s All Good From There

Ian Edwards is honestly funny and funny, honestly. He talks to The Good Men Project’s Josh Bowman about his life, comedy and a refusal to be pigeonholed.

What My 15 Year Old Son Taught Me About Being a Man

Turning 18 is a piece of cake, becoming a man is a piece of history. What is the difference?

When ‘Married Sex’ Is Not at All What You Think It Is

An interview with author Jesse Kornbluth.

What Makes a Man? An Interview with My 15 Year Old Son

Sean Swaby interviews his 15 year old son about the experiences that make you a man.

Can a Man Be Sensitive and Strong?

Carlos Andres Gomez talks about what it took for him to walk away from stereotypical definitions of masculinity.

How Marshawn Lynch Changed My Mind

It would suck to make 6.5 million dollars. I think I would have to quit my job in order to spend all of that money. Especially if I made that much every year.

The Courage To Be Real

Marc Maron reminds us that being brilliant doesn’t mean copying others. Rather it means being the best version of who we are.

Are Men Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen?

What is an Endocrine Disrupter and how does it affect your hormones? An Interview with Carol Kwiatkowski, PhD.

Young STIR: The Transgender Youth Movement

A teen reaches out to adults and questioning youth about the effects of a disapproving society.

Will Your Interview Answers Get You Hired?

Acing an interview takes more than a great resume and a great suit. Dr. Travis Bradberry tells you how to answer the five big questions.

‘Wall Hop’ Provides a Unique Online Gallery Experience

  Jay Snook interviews Rob Green, the founder of Wall Hop Art is something that people have always enjoyed. It helps express emotions and there were moments in history when art was for posterity and helped capture good and bad times in the world. It was a primitive form of photographs and museums can still be […]

J.P. Sears: The Truth Behind His “How To Become Gluten Intolerant” Video

In the quest for social reflection, one man stands out. And he stands tall.

Using Fear As Fuel

Body boarding champ Fran J. Castro says that surfing and training helps him face his fears head on.

Changing the World with New Forms of Thought

Getting to know the Warrior Poet, Tori Ufondu interviews Cameron Conaway

Robin Williams 1983: Even Then, You Could See Life Was a Struggle

Jesse Kornbluth interviewed Robin Williams for NY Magazine back in 1983. It’s important for Jesse to fall in love with the people while interviewing them. And fall he did. A love that lasted til Williams untimely death.