The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards: An Interview with Kristopher Jansma

photo by phalinn

Savas Abidadis talks to Kristopher Jansma about his new book “The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards”.

It Starts With A Crash: An Interview With Chris Wiewiora

photo by ace of magic

Bryce Emley talks to Good Men Project contributor Chris Wiewiora about his new book, Riding Solo.

What Bono Learned as his Father Died

What Bono Learned as His Father Died

In Blank on Blank, the new video series from Public Radio Exchange, one the world’s biggest rock stars dissects the notion of a dignified death

My Love Letter to the Teen Titans


Savas Abadsidis reminisces about the comic book stories he was obsessed with as a youth, and talks to Marv Wolfman, writer of the series and one of Savas’s heroes.

Charles Ramsey is a Hero For More Than Just Breaking Down a Door

charles ramsey

Yes, Charles Ramsey is a hero, but not for the reasons you think.

‘Gatsby,’ F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the Murphys: Amanda Vaill Connects the Dots

Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby, Great Gatsby movie, Baz Luhrmann

Who was Gatsby? A neighbor of the Fitzgeralds reports on the lifestyles of the young and beautiful Golden Couple in the 1920s.

The Thing About Higher Education is That it Ends (& Then What?)


The economic landscape is tough for everyone – especially recent college graduates who constantly find themselves in the experience-required-experience-needed conundrum. Breaking Point Flix takes an honest (& kind of funny) look at the question, “Why should I hire you?”

The Teacher’s Pet at 80: An Interview with Actress Mamie Van Doren

Mamie Van Doren, interview, Donald D'Haene, The Good Life, The Good Men Project, entertainment, Hollywood, film, actresses

The former Miss Palm Springs and RKO film siren Mamie Van Doren talks to Donald D’Haene about what fires her up, her leftward political drift, and being an enduring sex symbol.

Comedians You Should Know: An Interview With Erik Griffin

Erik_Griffin_04_c (1)

GMP Humor Editor Omar Shaukat interviews comedian Erik Griffin on the inspiration and intentions of his stand-up comedy.

Interviews with Men on Sex and Sexuality

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What would you say if a woman stopped you in the street and asked your opinions about sex, porn and sexuality? Elana Millman’s video looks for the truth.

A Brief Interview with Hilarious Men


Matt Servitto and Jason Kravits on the intersection of work, fatherhood, and Lords of the Playground

Crafting Stories: an Interview with Charles Amis


Noah Brand talks game design and story theory with the creator of ​Artizens.

The Fifth Assassin


An interview with political thriller novelist Brad Meltzer and a review of his latest book, “The Fifth Assassin”.

Q&A With Madeline Miller, Author of The Song of Achilles


Randall Ham sits down with Madeline Miller to talk about her award-winning novel of love between men.

The Honest Testimony of a Woman Held Captive by Her Husband


Anderson Cooper has an exclusive interview that lays bare the experience and thinking behind severe domestic abuse.

This Spiritual Novelist Has Sold More Than 18 Million Books … And You’ve Probably Never Heard of Him. Or Have You?

William Paul Young / photo by Bobby Downes

Listen in on a fascinating conversation with William Paul Young, the author of best-seller “The Shack” and the new book “Crossroads.”