That Guy Who Dances

There is something about that guy who dances.

Romancing the Adventure

Romance Adventure #1

Is your romance starting to fade a bit? Here’s a guaranteed way to re-ignite those flames and keep them lit…

My Ex and I Still Sleep Together

women longing

A lonely night, temptations rise, you text her. You’ve slept with your ex AGAIN. Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly…

Instant Intimacy—The Second Red Flag of Narcissism

Instant Intimacy by GotCredit

If you’re hearing about marriage, houses, kids, and how you’re soulmates on the first or second date, watch out. You’re likely in the grip of narcissistic manipulation.

I’m Getting Old. Never Had a Girlfriend. Give Up?

lonely man

If you’ve NEVER been in a relationship, should you throw in the towel? Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert dares men to dance with defeat…

He’s a ‘5’ Looking to Score a ’10’

hes 5 shes 10

How do you soften the blow when your buddy’s a ‘5’ looking to score a ’10’? Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt brings things back to reality…

A Wife Surprises Her Husband on Their 7th Anniversary

A Wife Surprises by Rosario Lantz

There are many ways to keep romance alive … but this one takes the (wedding) cake.

5 Warning Signs That Your Soulmate is Becoming a Roommate

Soulmate to Roommate

It’s insidious and before you know it the love of your life turns into someone just sharing a space –here’s how to avoid that from happening.

What A Man Wants In A Dance

Getty Images

For those of us men who dance, dancing can addict us with things we never knew we were searching for.

Solution To A Love Triangle Gone Wrong

love triangle

He went for the woman who liked him. Then the woman he REALLY liked changed her mind. Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt advises…

Silicon Valley Boom Leads to Sex Bust

No One's Getting Any In Silicon Valley

See why so many bright people are having such a hard time finding true intimacy and how you can avoid the same fate…

What Is a Relationship Bond?

What Is by Bipin Gupta

Thomas Fiffer shares a thought-provoking observation about the bond that holds relationships together.

What You May Not Know About The Fear Of Rejection

fear of rejection GMP

Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt has discovered 3 keys that heal the Fear of Rejection…

Redefining My Soulmate


Are we still looking for love in all the wrong places?

The 3 Best Questions You Could Ever Ask Your Partner

Loving couple in the park. Vintage retro style with light leaks

Jordan Gray says that we can avoid a lot of pain if we get in the habit of asking these three simple, but challenging questions.

The Dangerous Appeal of Dysfunctional Partners

Why Dysfunctional by Quinn Dombrowski

Thomas Fiffer explains the exceptional draw and destructive impact of partners who are determined to change you.