Marriage, Prostate Cancer, and the Best Sex of Your Life


Michael Russer explains that impotence does not have to mean a loss of sexual intimacy. In fact, impotence can lead to greater sexual intimacy

Reflections on Losing Testosterone and Gaining Intimacy


Samuel Mahaffy learned that without testosterone can be rich, and intimacy comes in many forms.

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What is it about sex in a committed relationship that makes it exciting? We’re having an honest and provocative conversation about deepening intimacy in your relationship.

The Best Things About Married Sex

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Of course, there’s a lot to like about sex, but when it comes to committed relationships, the potential for intimacy really stands out.

4 Ways to Know What Sexual Pleasure Means to Your Spouse

couple, relationship, marriage

Julie Sibert thinks married sex has the potential to be a lot more just an orgasm.

Men, Are You Afraid Your Woman Doesn’t Need You Anymore?

sad man

Fergus Denhamer wonders if men in midlife are becoming redundant to the women they love?

3 Ways to Experience Non-Ordinary Sex with a Woman

Lovers by Samarel

Freya Watson reveals how couples can create a sex life that goes beyond pleasure to something extraordinary.

An Unforgettable Quote About Intimacy


Anais Nin on what changes the moment you find a person you are willing to reveal your soul to.

30 Ways to Restore Intimacy in Your Marriage

#4 Play footsie.

Try Mort Fertel’s “Talk and Touch” list to reconnect with your mate.

“I find chemistry to be a bigger definer of attraction…than what society has told me I should like in a man.”


This comment by Erin on the post 3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Know They Are Beautiful

5 Ways a Man Can Truly Embrace a Woman’s Sexual Expression


Lasara Firefox Allen wants men to know how to get sexy in a way that makes a woman feel free to be herself.

What Male Leaders Desperately Want

man hand

Laura Gates has listened to the deep dark fears of powerful men. And she knows what their hearts truly yearn for.

Sex, Marriage, and The Silent Treatment

self portrait- r.f.m II-flickr

Clint Edwards loves his wife and has an almost insatiable desire for her. Why does he sometimes feel as if that is a bad thing?

Presence vs. Performance in the Pursuit of Extraordinary Sex

Good Men Project, Michael J. Russer, Performance v Presence, True Intimacy, Being Present with Your Lover, Making Love, Performance Anxiety

The obsession with male performance in the bedroom is a misguided intimacy killer. Michael J. Russer explains why

Look to LGBQ and Older Couples for Good Relationship Advice


In a society where much research has been conducted into the stresses on relationships and marriage breakdowns, these new findings reveal some positive and affirming things about couples.

The Lonely Generation: Why Not Every Man Wants To Sleep Around

The Lonely Generation photo by beccawatson

Andrew Jakubowski opens up about isolation and challenges his generation’s understanding of intimacy.