I Have Custody of the 3 Kids (But No Female Action!)

dad and kids

Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert (and single mom) talks to a Dad with full custody of three kids. He’s having trouble finding a woman interested in the whole ‘package.’

My Wife of 14 yrs Passed Away

man on bench

“After 14 yrs of marriage, my wife died. Why is it that I can’t come back to life?” Allana Pratt Intimacy Expert lends compassion and hope…

My New Partner Isn’t as “Experienced” as me…


Do you come to conclusions about sex, based on a how many partners someone’s had? Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert invites another point of view…

Upgrade YOU? Score a Great Partner. It’s Connected.


There are NO great women out there! BS! says Allana Pratt. This Intimacy Expert challenges you to deepen…

Making Love with an Upgraded Sexual Operating System


Here’s a way to make love that can take you and your partner to levels you’ve never dreamed possible…

I’m a Little Too Old To Be Asking This…

older shy man

Am I too old to learn how to please a woman sexually? Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt says…

A Dad Fears How Ashley Madison and Our Cheating, Hookup Culture Will Affect the Future Dating Life of His Little Daughter


Ethan Ruzzano fears hook up culture sites like Tinder and Ashley Madison kill emotional intimacy. He wants better for his daughter when she grows up. Here is what he has to say about it.

5 Things a Woman Really Wants

5 Things Woman Wants by Jenny Kanevsky

Jenny Kanevsky reveals five things a woman wants in a romantic relationship.

Why Ego and Intimacy are Strange Bedfellows

Ego and Intimacy

The ego is always working to “protect” our heart and ends up cutting us off from what we want most –here’s how you can prevent that from happening…

I’m Falling In Love With Another Woman


Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert, talks straight to a man who ‘thought’ he was happily married until…

What Happens When You Mix Love, Depression and Sex

sex and depression

When your head isn’t right, nothing else will be. Sex and our intimate relationships suffer, further stigmatizing and shaming us. It truly becomes a vicious circle.

Work Place Romance- Doom or Delight?

office romance

She’s Hot. She’s your Boss. Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt explores the Do’s and Don’ts of a steamy office Romance…

When a Dad Has THE Talk About Sex, But Doesn’t Make It About “Where Babies Come From”

A Prize for the Best Title

Gay Dad Rob Watson felt that he wanted to approach the sex talk with his sons in an alternative way. By discussing intimacy, rather than procreation, he found it was a different discussion. Here is how it went.

5 Questions to Ask Your Partner for Better Sex

Messages Image(214258566)

Jordan Gray says that sex doesn’t get talked about enough. Start with these five questions and your love life will improve overnight.

Can We Talk Honestly About Pornography?

Can We Talk by Chris Isherwood

Daniel Dowling wants to have the porn conversation you don’t want to have.

Maslow and Your S.O.S. (Sexual Operating System)

Maslow and the S.O.S.

Here’s how our fundamental Sexual Operating System sabotages relationships and why it doesn’t have to be that way.