As Child Abuse Investigations Take Shape, Old Crimes are Transforming British Society

Allegations of a historic paedophile ring are roiling Westminster—and adding to a wave of change sweeping through Britain’s core institutions.

Really? Reports Say Zimmerman Detained for Threatening Wife With a Gun

Zimmerman detained, no arrests.

Gun Dreams

In our fantasies, a gun ends all arguments in our favor.

Culture: Feds Want Ways To Hack Video Game Consoles [@akilshohen]

Johnny Law thinks there’s evidence in your console, and they wanna way to get it out!

Technology: Nortel Was Hacked, Knew It … and Said Nothing … For Years

Ah the secrets we keep … and when you’re a global telecommunications giant with porous security, they can be … big.

Porn-Industry Secrecy Hinders HIV Investigation

To anyone who watches porn: How important is it to you that the man not wear a condom?