The Feeling of Speed

When Tom Matlack invested in a tech company other VC’s had left for dead, he had no idea how much it would bring him back to life.

Built to Launch?

​Ken Goldstein talks about the difference between a good IPO and a good company: the people that choose to stay.

D’oh! Top 5 Things My Father Got Wrong

Jamie Reidy, in honor of Father’s Day, lists the top 5 pieces of bad advice his father gave him.

Facebook IPO Shows What is Wrong with U.S.

Maybe Markie should have taken off his hoodie (we know really bad shit happens to guys of any race in those things) and put on a suit like every other adult in the room.

Facebook After the IPO

Ken Goldstein looks at the game-changers that have become a part of Facebook’s secret sauce, and why it must now strive to achieve consistent

The Quality Chronicles: The Bug That Killed an IPO

In a world of “Better, Faster, Cheaper” Ken Goldstein reminds us that Quality Assurance is a process not a department.

Why I Reported Facebook to the FBI

Why sell your wares on a street corner, when you can actively cold call prospective buyers of sexual services on a site like Facebook?

Goldman Screws Zipcar

The car-sharing company went public yesterday. There’s only one problem. Goldman Sachs ran off with $63 million of shareholder money.