Being a Young Muslim Man in the Early 21st Century

A PhD student discusses what it’s like being a young Muslim man in today’s world. — “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better” Abraham Lincoln Like everyone else I was horrified by the recent shootings in Orlando which killed 49 people… perhaps more so because I am a Muslim. Islam teaches […]

President Obama Errs by Refusing to Utter the Phrase ‘Radical Islam’

Radical Islamic ideology provides a central motive in acts of terror committed by the likes of Omar Mateen.

Radical Christian Terrorists

If we identify Islamic terrorists by their religion, why not Christian terrorists?

Cruz Control of U.S. Muslims

Why are politicians making a habit of treating citizens as “others?”

Why is Islam so Different in Different Countries?

Islam is a rich and variegated religion. This variation must be taken into account.

A Call to Action: Curing Islam’s American Crisis

With Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim rhetoric on the rise, Ehab Al Shihabi encorages Muslim Americans to be politically proactive

Islam and the Vision of America’s Founding Fathers

What would the founding fathers think of Donald Trump?

Gay and Muslim in America

How one man navigates his Muslim faith and sexual orientation.

What Is Religion And Do You Understand It?

Religion, in all its forms, is the key to understanding our collective humanity and bridging the divide between people.

The Manly Pursuit of Desire: Islam and the Fear of Compulsory Heterosexuality

Perry Brass on how the novel “Guapa” discusses homosexuality in the Islam religion.

Yes, Let’s have a Frank and Open Discussion About the Causes of Extremism and Terrorism

Everyone is sad and frustrated. So why aren’t we talking about it?

Religious Persecution for One, Religious Persecution for All

If Islam is “Un-American,” then the logical next step is Christianity and Judaism becoming “Un-American.”

Muslim Student at Auburn puts Campus Creed to the Test

Student and member of Auburn University’s Muslim Student Association offers blind affection, lives by the campus creed.

Does “Fighting Fire with Fire” Work with Toxic Masculinity?

Toxic masculinity can lead to acts of violence, but can more toxic masculinity stop it? Jonathan Delavan implores readers to reconsider this logic.

The United States: a Land of Double Standard for Religious Liberty?

Some politicians feel that religious liberty only applies to the religions of their choosing. Warren Blumenfeld points out the hypocrisy in this argument.

Seeking Common Ground: Why Progressive Muslims and Atheists Should Work Together

We don’t realize the latent potential we have to flip the script and change the popular narrative of Muslim-panic and atheist-distrust. But it requires us to speak up, to defend each other against unfair attacks, and to try and see past our differences.