Is The World Running Out Of Water?

dry lake 2

Running out of water: The looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource.

A Peaceful Dignified Exit, and to All a Good Death

death in the hospital

Death, a natural and unavoidable part of life, should be painless, peaceful, dignified and a celebration of the life that was.

How’s Married Life?


Why does it sound like a loaded question? What are they expecting us to say?

My Zombie Apocalypse Battle Fantasy


Tim Hoch’s game plan should a Zombie-Apocalypse ever be inflicted upon the world.

Down the Hatch

Do Not Attempt, stupid things boys do, male adolescence, drowning hazards, swimming safety

Tsach Gilboa, at age fifteen, finds himself locked in a death struggle with his best friend—for the attention of a girl.

NEWSER: Airline Fined for Kicking Non-Jewish Flyer Off Plane

air france

Pro-Palestinian activist was removed for having no Israeli passport.

Holocaust Survivor Uses Social Media to Search For Twin

Bodner past and present

With the help of social networking sites, Menachem Bodner is hoping to be reunited with the twin he hasn’t seen since they were liberated from Auschwitz, 68 years ago.

Oscar-Nominated Palistinian Film-Maker Detained by Immigration

Guy Davidi , Emad Burnat,

Even with the official Oscars nomination and invitations, immigration officials didn’t believe that a Palestinian farmer had been nominated for an Academy Award.

Earth without Humanity


Life on Earth can survive any man made disaster. But will we?

No Israeli Boots on the Ground


If this becomes a ground game, the U.S. should impose economic and trade sanctions against Israel.

I’m an American Living in Israel and I’m going to Jail Rather Than Join the Israeli Defense Forces

Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 6.01.49 PM

Moriel Rothman is refusing to serve in the IDF an act of protest against what he sees as an unjust and evil system. Here is his story.

Anger of Muslims, Part 2: Making Sense in 3D


The violence in the Middle East makes sense when viewed from sufficient perspectives.

Open Thread: What Do You Think of Romney’s Support of Israeli Strike Against Iran?

Screen Shot 2012-07-29 at 9.41.24 AM

Open Discussion: What do you think of Mitt Romney’s speech wherein he seems to pledge US backing of an Israeli strike against Iran.

Knocked Out


A skeptic becomes a believer when a meditation exercise knocks him out.

Palestinian Hunger Strike

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 2.17.47 PM

HeatherN comments on the recent Palestinian hunger strike.

Dr. Robert Weissberg, Racism, and The Collective Shame of Bigotry

Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 11.22.26 AM

In response to Dr. Robert Weissberg’s defense of a derogatory Yiddish word, Zek J. Evets raises a challenge to call out those who stay silent in the face of bigotry.