How My Final Suicide Attempt Attracted My First Mentor

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Six years ago today Chicago native Richard Taylor was recovering from a suicide attempt, today he’s a best-selling author and a mentor to countless youth. If you ask him how he did it, he’ll tell you: Mentoring works!

How To Convince An Addict To Get Help

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Stan Popovich lists a six-step plan on how to help someone help themself.

“It seems the real problem for men isn’t in higher education, but in secondary and primary education.”


This is a comment by Alastair on the post “Why Do Men Need Male-Only Groups on Campus?”

“I don’t expect perfection from the boys. I want them to be okay with not being perfect.”


This is a comment by on the post “Why Perfection Is the Lowest Standard You Can Set for Yourself”.

The Man’s Guide to Divorce

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Lawyer Andrew Bruskin explains three things to think about that could make a divorce easier for both side.

“The idea that men have lost our way because we are a much more diverse group is disgusting.”


Tom says that the way into the future is not for men to retreat into a homogeneous bubble, but to keep growing in diversity and to keep having the difficult—but very necessary—conversations about manhood in the 21st century.

Open Thread: Men, How Do You Want to Move Forward? What is Important to You to Talk About?


What do you want to see covered here? What is important to you that you talk to with your friends, family, or children that you’d like to see here?

“My views on men, masculinity, and gender issues have morphed and dare I say matured.”


This is a comment by KKZ on the post “This Much I Know To Be True”.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”


This comment was from Ovik Banerjee, on the post “This Much I Know to Be True” by The Good Men Project founder, Tom Matlack.

“Thanks for always taking on awful and tough subjects that no one else dares to mention.”


This is a comment by Leia on the post “This Much I Know To Be True”.

“I have learned so much from the conversation at The Good Men Project.”


This is a comment by Carla Smith on the post “Why Our Boys Need The Good Men Project”.

“If female culture picks up bad habits from men, it only makes the problem harder to deal with.”


This is a comment by 1753 on the post “TubeCrush: “Homage to the Hommes” or Unauthorized Exploitation of Men?”

“It can be hard to go to counseling. The hardest part was making the first appointment.”


This is a comment by Travis on the post “Ten Reasons I Decided to see a Therapist”.

It’s A Human Problem

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In discussions about sexuality, rape, violence, intimacy Julie Gillis knows one thing for certain: We have to talk about them differently.

The MRA Perspective

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Dan Moore of MenZ magazine gives his perspective on fundamental men’s rights issues, breaks down MRA sub-groups, and answers the question: Why do MRAs hate feminism?

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