Yonkers Born Filmmaker Brings a Taste of Arthur Avenue in His Film

Dante Liberatore took it in his own hands to document the authenticity of Abondanza before it disappears, and here’s how.

When Fighting Irish Eyes Are Smiling

A son, his dad, and a lifetime love of all things Irish.

How One Good Man Touched the Lives of Generations

There are people who touch our lives in ways we often don’t recognize until much later.

The Apostle of Wax and Shine

Lois Roma-Deeley remembers an Italian-American father, his Lincoln, and the magic they evoked.

The Conformist

With the Oscars soon approaching, Jesse Kornbluth reviews a 1970’s Italian film about a man who finds he can boost his own life status at the cost of another man’s life.


Alex Gallo-Brown shares the difficult adventures of three generations of men in an Italian-American family.

We Went Out to Dinner with Our Grandmother

Nicholas Miele takes on that most demanding of poetic forms–the sestina–to pay tribute to his Italian grandmother.

Simon Rodia Builds the East Tower of Nuestro Pueblo to Honor His Brother Killed in a Coal Mine Accident

In paying tribute to Simon Rodia, the Italian-American builder of the L.A. Watts Towers, William Kelley Woolfitt offers a compelling meditation on the ties that bind brothers together.

Outgrowing Ethnicity: Heritage, Xenophobia, and Being American

Adam Rabasca looks at his ethnically-mixed family and asks why Americans identify ethnicity over nationality

Ten Things I Love About My Wife

Okay guys, here’s my list. What’s yours?

F**k Yeah! Parenting Advice from A Foul-Mouthed Father

Doug Prochilo provides “colorful” advice for teaching children about cursing.

Making Friends

We need to start finding common ground and making friends in anti-violence efforts.

My Family’s Mafia Connection

Justin Cascio reflects on his Sicilian heritage and how it has changed through the generations.

Ten things I've learned from these Italian guys in this deli on dufferin

It’s good to be polite. Thank you very much. That’s right, very polite. What a couple of polite young guys. This twelve year old boy, I swear to God, is at the shop trying to trade in a Range Rover and a Benz. He’s some kind of emperor of Hong Kong. Twelve years old, can […]