Alex P. Keaton is Still My Hero


Thirty years after being inspired by a TV character J.R. Reed is inspired by the real life of Michael J. Fox.

I Am Spider-Man

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J.R. Reed offers a peek inside his process of healing from a severe anxiety disorder.

The Secret I’ve Been Keeping: Anxiety

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J.R. Reed has withdrawn from his friends, his hobbies, and the world at large because of an anxiety disorder. But now, he insists, it’s time to get better.

Dads Make Memories (Whether We Try To Or Not)

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J.R. Reed is starting to feel time fly by, and in watching his daughter grow into her teen years, he realizes just how important her memories of him will someday be.

Revelations From a Stalled Car

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J.R. Reed learned a lot about his teenaged daughter by getting stranded in a broken down car in a grocery store parking lot.