Crowdfunding For Family

Chasing a dream in order to live a passion …

Beware the Angry Spinning Suns

Two poems by Jack Varnell

Geishas, Oil, and Marseilles: Art by Jack Varnell

Jesse Mitchell reviews Jack Varnell’s art and find it reminiscent of “James Rosenquist, Raoul Hausmann and the conceptual art from the film Blade Runner.”

Former Skinhead From ‘Life After Hate’ Offers Insight Into Sikh Temple Shooting

A stunning video from ormer Skinhead Arno Michaelis speaks about the Sikh Temple shooting, the origins of hate, and how we all can look inside ourselves to learn how to break free from hate.

Tosh and Sandusky Were Not The First

Jack Varnell is outraged at how many sexual assault cover-ups have happened in recent memory, and wants to help affect change.

What Do Women Want? Ice Cream.

Joanna Schroeder admits to being just like every other girl.

The Cognitive Dissonance Of Love

When bipolar illness would’t let the woman he loved find her voice, Jack Varnell wrote the voice he heard anyway.

This Is No “Artist.” It Is “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.”

A movie about a son who loses his father, and what he goes on to find.

Could A Club Drug Offer ‘Almost Immediate’ Relief From Depression?

NPR reports on the use of Ketamine to treat acute depression.

Gandhi on Knowledge Without Character

Goodness is something you practice.

TIME: Men Are From Google + Women Are From Pinterest

More than 97% of social photo-sharing site Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women

“Love At First Sight” By David Dang

An short film about a chance meeting and reaching across boundaries.

“Love Monologue”

A Video Poem

“I Am Compatible” – By David Dang

About love and compatibility.

More Than A Warrior

I hope this video prompts you to ask yourself how you can be of service to the fine men and women coming home.

Not All Politicians Have Forgotten “Of The People”, “For The People”, “By The People”

Republican Chokes Up At Gay Marriage Debate In Washington