Finding My Voice: A LIVE Good Men Project Storytelling Event in New York City

June 4th, 2015 at the West End Lounge, New York, NY. Tickets on sale now.

The $100 Life

Jackie Summers looks at how we value money. And how we value life.

The Beauty of Not Dying

What would you do if you met the grim reaper face-to-face? If you’re Jackie Summers, you decide to pay very very close attention.

The End of Racism (Thank You Donald Sterling)

Jackie Summers reminds us that racism didn’t start as a moral problem. It started as an economic one.

The Precipice

Jackie Summers, on how a few words at the end of a love affair can send one into a free fall.

To Dream, Perchance to Sleep

Jackie Summers has a rousing middle-of-the-night romp that turns into his arch-enemy: Insomnia.

The Riddle of Steel

Jackie Summers was about to have a very good day and solve all the mysteries of the universe. Or so he thought.

The Home Team

Jackie Summers explains that no matter how much you hate President Obama, rooting for the home team to fail simply doesn’t make any sense.

The Choices We Make Are Not Our Own

What influences your decisions? Are you sure you know?

“Now that’s a luxury. Getting to pretend racism doesn’t exist.”

This comment is by i’mjustsayin on the post The Luxury of Invisible Privilege

The Luxury of Invisible Privilege

Jackie Summers examines the way racism reproduces – and how well-meaning people feed the disease by denying their privilege.

The Most Racist Thing That Ever Happened

Jackie Summers has identified the most troubling thing about racism these days: no one ever admits to being racist.


Jackie Summers, on letting go.

The Frequency

“You know that ringing in your ears? That ‘eeeeeeeeee’? That’s the sound of the ear cells dying, like their swan song. Once it’s gone you’ll never hear that frequency again. Enjoy it while it lasts.” ~ Children of Men

My Coffee Like My Women: Pequeño Pero Muy Fuerte

Jackie Summers remembers a past girlfriend who left indelible marks.

Waiting for Spring: a Winter Fairy Tale

Jackie Summers presents a parable of seasonal change.