Sailing with Bob

Jake DiMare went looking for sailing and found so much more.


Jake DiMare suspects that Conservatives are probably not so happy with the choice of words used to label this historic change in the way we do health care in the United States now.

Chuck Klosterman and the Inspiration to Keep Trying at Goodness

Jake DiMare lays bare his insecurities about writing for the Good Men Project, but finds renewed motivation from famous author, Chuck Klosterman.

Suicide and Mad Men

Jake DiMare takes a look at the male dominated epidemic of suicide through the lens of AMC’s Mad Men.

The Pitcher: How Curt Schilling Let Me Down

Searching for lessons in the implosion of 38 Studios only brings Jake DiMare internal conflict and pain.

To My Unconditionally Devoted Mother

Jake DiMare reflects on his mom, 5 years after her passing.

Ted Nugent: Flight of the Chicken Hawks

Jake DiMare is officially calling bullshit on Ted Nugent’s patriotic, tough-guy act.

Courage: We Cannot Exist Without Each Other

Julie Gillis shares a story about courage and compassion and why she believes it’s important to humanity.

Bush-Nominated Judge Sends Racist Email About Obama

Jake DiMare wonders what Judge Cebull was feeling when he hit send?

JP Morgan’s CEO Thinks YOU are Overpaid

Jake DiMare calls out JP Morgan’s wealthy CEO, who claims newspaper employees are overpaid at $44,000 a year.

The Spiritual Agnostic’s Dilemma: Figuring Out How to Be a Good Man Without Religion

Jake DiMare is discovering how to blend spiritual practices into an otherwise agnostic life. Their only goal? To help keep him on track toward goodness.

The Funny Thing About Semen

How a “seminal moment” caused decades of confusion for Jake DiMare.

On Class

Do we still believe that anyone can cross class lines if they work hard enough?

My Angry Rhetoric on Socioeconomic Class, Explained

A lay person’s inquiry into what ‘socioeconomic stratification’ means for us all.