Even Kate Winslet Knows Jack Didn’t Have to Die

‘Titanic’ left us brokenhearted, but why do we need someone to blame?

Blockbusters: Junk Food, or Essential Nutrition?

Are blockbuster movies really inferior, high grossing, cheap thrills? Or do they put us in touch with something we need to feel?

Dangling Testicle Signals Doom for the Universe

While Ben Shaberman is not a big believer in signs, this recent one got this attention.

Force of Hobbit: Man-to-Man With Stunt Man Steven McMichael

Savas Abadsidis chats with Stunt Coordinator Steven McMichael about his work in movies like Fantastic Four and X-Men, and learns how the 20 year movie veteran stays comfortable in his own skin.

Technology: LED Contact Lenses Could Bring Terminator Vision To Life

University of Washington engineers are working on bringing James Cameron’s vision to life.

Science: Machines Learn To Beat Video Games By RTFM

At MIT, science is hastening the extinction of man kind to teach machines to play video games … and not that pet grooming crap either …

The 10 at 10

Smile. You got through the most depressing day of the year.