Somewhere Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

“The gap between writing with hatred and writing with mindfulness and altruism is really wide.” A discussion of the nuances of that gap.

James Holmes Trial Puts Sanity on the Stand

Jurors will likely be presented with conflicting notions of sanity and insanity. And they will be forced to confront widely held cultural assumptions about mental illness and violence.

Open Thread: Is There a Crisis in White Masculinity?

Would we even talk about it if there were?

Poll: If Your Loved One Was The Victim of a Horrific Crime, Would You Want The Perpetrator to Receive The Death Penalty?

If the unimaginable occurred, would you support the death penalty?

Actor Christian Bale Visits Aurora Shooting Victims

Nicole Johnson always thought Christian Bale was an outstanding actor, but after watching this CNN video, she thinks Christian is a class act.

“As a sibling of someone diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I wonder if James Holmes is bipolar too.”

This is a comment by Sister of Bipolar Brother on the post “The Evil That Men Do—James Holmes, Aurora Colorado and Mental Illness”.

How You Can Help Victims of The Aurora Theater Shooting

After one of the deadliest shootings in United States history, Americans are doing what we do best in the wake of a tragedy: giving to those in need and believing in the goodness of others.

Video of Aurora Shooter – First Court Appearance

Are we, as a society, feeding into what may have been Holmes’ ultimate plan – to become The Joker and gain notoriety?

Three Aurora Victims Died Shielding Others

Trending on Twitter: Shoutouts to the 3 men who died protecting others in the Aurora shootings.

Men and Mass Shootings

Andrew Smiler believes that if we are to change the odds on these rampage killings, we might want to start by changing the messages we send to men and boys.

What Makes White, Middle Class Men Kill?

We have all kinds of theories about inner city violence, gang murders and the like, but what about these “lone wolf” killers, many of whom have no prior record of criminal behavior at all?

You Can Do Anything: A Mother’s Response to the Aurora Shootings

How do we teach our children the value of other peoples’ lives, no matter how different or unattached they might feel? A mother responds to the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado – Tell Me Why We Don’t Need Gun Control Again?

A shooting in Colorado leaves 12 dead, many more wounded (including a three month old baby). Josh Bowman tries to understand how something this tragic could happen.