Fastest Mochi Pounder in Japan Does Indeed Pound Mochi Very Fast

Fastest Mochi Pounder In Japan Does Indeed Pound Mochi Very Fast

World’s Most Epic Snowball Fight

In Japan, they take their snowballs very, very seriously. Yukigassen a snowball fight tournament with annual championships.

3 Epic Days Hiking in the Mountains of Nikko

Makes a man grounded and aware of the surrounding world.

Witness One Man’s Epic Bike Quest

Enjoy the beauty of Japan’s bike paths without leaving the comfort of your home.

Do You Really Want to Be a Leader?

Moving up the ladder is for some, is it for you?

Work is not Boring When Robots Wrestle

Testing robots in the lab is boring. In Japan, robots are being tested in a wrestling match.

Way Cool Japanese Rice Planting Machines

See technology in action.

Japan Pledges $AUD580 Million in Climate Change Aid to Pacific Islands

Dr. Anthony Horton shares Japan’s recent announcement that it will invest millions in climate change and disaster aid for Pacific Island nations.

Sports Explained: Sumo!

The athleticism, strategery, and pageantry of Sumo!

Internet Café Refugees: Japan’s Disposable Workers

It is better to bend than to break, the old Japanese proverb goes.

Same Song. Different Beat: The Experience of Soccer in Japan

You don’t really know Soccer until you’ve experienced it all over the World. Turns out some Leagues march to a different beat.

Not Humming

Laura Foley uses brevity and simplicity to make a powerful impact in this prose poem.

In the Mirror: Disability, Love and Friendship

Erin Kelly believes there’s more to love and friendship than what society portrays.

The Tigers Are Going to the World Series!! In Japan, That Is.

As our World Series begins, so does another on the other side of the world. Mike Kasdan shares his baseball memories from The Land of the Rising Sun.

Are Men Finding the Time to Train?

Rick Matz directly addresses finding the time for martial arts training, but his advice reaches deeper into global men’s culture.

Real-Life Batman Surprises Drivers On Japanese Highway

Batman takes his Batmobile for a causal spin on a Japanese highway and delights a few fans along the way.