A Case for the Magic Money Machine

I’m no economist, so I’m expecting that someone who understands global commerce better than I will set me straight. But until then…

NEWSER: Scientists Test Meth Addiction ‘Cure’

Scientists are testing a drug that may ‘cure’ meth addiction, and early results are good.

Palmer Township Man Secures War Medal For Late Father — 68 Years Later

“He was just a typical World War II guy. Came home, went to work and got involved in civic and church stuff,” Barry Miller said.

Blizzard Kills Father As He Protects Daughter

One father’s heartbreaking story of sacrifice and love

North Korea May Have Conducted Third Nuclear Test

An “unnatural” earthquake may indicate more nuclear testing in North Korea.

UPDATE: Algerian Hostage Crisis Ends, Questions Remain

The Algerian Communications Minister said, “Search efforts are ongoing at the gas installation … I fear the numbers will be updated with more victims later today.”

North Korea Has “New Generation of Powerful Rocket”

These new mobile missiles have caught the attention of Washington and intelligence agencies in the West, and they are worried.

Foreign Nationals Abducted by Islamist Militants in Algeria

Algerian officials state, “Contact with the site is extremely difficult, but we understand that armed individuals are still occupying the In Amenas operations site.”

“There’s lots of religion I don’t agree with, but I don’t consider every religious person a bigot.”

This is a comment by Marcus Williams on the post “Vikings’ Chris Kluwe Kicks Serious Verbal Ass—And You Should Too”.

Japan Wants To Shoot Lasers At The Moon To Solve The Energy Crisis

The Luna Ring plan, which was introduced in Tokyo, is only the most recent in a long line of envelope pushing, seemingly kooky ideas to come from Shimizu Corp.

Your Very Own Live 3D Virtual Girlfriend?

She’s not imaginary—she’s just not real.

Robots: Now They’re Learning? Oh Crap!

In “oh god oh god, we’re all gonna die” news, Japanese researchers are teaching robots how to learn and think. Wait, what?

Got Spellcheck? Romney App Misspells America

Jamie Reidy comments on his own spelling woes following the Romney App’s “Amercia” blunder.

Chef Serves His Own Genitals For Dinner

Buzzfeed warned me not to look at the photos…

But I did.

News: @HannibalTabu Brings Komplicated Tech & Culture News to Sunday Morning Live [@sundaymlive]

The popular web radio show enjoys the Komplicated style of madness with tech tidbits & culture commentary.

Computers: Japanese Scientists Increase Wi-Fi Speed By A Factor of 20

Hold on to both sides of your keyboard, because it’s about to get freakin’ real for your connection!