Watch: This is What Happens When You Watch the Cinema


Cinema is next to godliness?

Radical Openness: Where Ideas Have Sex [video]

where ideas have sex

A wild, futuristic, provocative ride into the heart of a concept that Jason Silva calls “radical openness”.

Are You Faithful?


Tom Matlack wants to know: what constitutes infidelity? Looking at porn? Chatting with an old flame on Facebook? Guys weigh in.

Ecstasy: Is Everything Real?


Jason Silva talks about the search for manufactured bliss.

Beauty and the Human Condition


Jason Silva discusses beauty, its permanence, ability to transform the world, and why it sometimes makes us sad.

When Humans and Technology Evolve Together

Screen shot 2011-11-04 at 12.00.11 PM

Jason Silva brings us a ‘two-minute shot of philosophical espresso.’

Connecting the Really Big Dots


Jason Silva, with a “philosophical short” video: “I think we have all been privy to a sensation that we are connected to something bigger and grander than we are.”

The Most Passionate Speech About Possibilities You’ll Hear All Year

jason silva stem cell passionate

Jason Silva gives a passionate rant on the importance of stem-cell research.

Sh*t Guys Do


Men reveal their favorite “guy rituals,” not all of which (reading a newspaper on the can, for one) are fully appreciated by the women in our lives.

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Man-to-Man with Jason Silva

Jason Silva

Jason Silva, director of the documentary, Turning Into Gods, explains “revelatory ecstasy,” and why he’s so very excited.