Is Your Man Shut Down? There’s ONE Simple Secret to Get Him to Open Up

get your guy to open up

Jayson Gaddis used to be the classic unavailable guy, the one whose heart women tried to melt. But it never worked. And he’s got some insight into why.

3 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Help Their Husbands

couple together on rock

Women, if the man in your life isn’t responding when you want more out of the relationship, you may be doing something wrong.

The Big Secret To Opening A Woman’s Heart


Jayson Gaddis finds a simple solution for men to make a woman’s emotions feel validated.

2 Huge Relationship Mistakes You Probably Made Last Year – and How to Do Better Today

Blessed for god

Jayson Gaddis explains how these problems may seem small right now – but will only get bigger and erode what you’ve built together.

Why Waste Time Arguing Over Who is Right? [Video]


Couples get so caught up in who is right that they lose sight of what really matters.

Why I’m Saying Sorry Doesn’t Cut It When Resolving Conflict [Video Tip]


When working through conflict, does saying “I’m sorry” really work?

4 Things to Do If Your Relationship is Stuck, Flat or Drifting


Long-term relationships grow stagnant and stale, especially after having kids together. But Jayson Gaddis insists there are ways to bring the love back to life.

Video Tip: Never Fighting In Your Relationship May Be Destroying Your Bond

jayson gaddis not fighting

Not fighting with your partner will eventually cause an ending of your marriage.

One Simple Statement Can Un-Stick Your Stuck Relationship

jayson gaddis unstuck

A helpful video from Jayson Gaddis, who works with couples day in and day out on these issues.

One Tip for How to De-Escalate a Fight With Your Partner

jayson gaddis responsibility

…it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

How I’m Learning To Really Listen To My Wife – In 13 Steps

listening to my wife

“So after ten years, I think I’m finally learning how to listen to my wife. I mean listen. Really listen. I’m humbled at the possibility of turning a corner here.”

Why You’d Rather Have Sex With Someone Else Than Work On Your Marriage


Jayson Gaddis examines some very unexpected causes of infidelity, and gives tips on how to prevent and heal from them.

Being a Backbone for My Kids


Our kids mirror our moods. Jayson Gaddis looks inward when his kids are struggling.

Why Two-Income Families Are Happier Than Single Earner Households


Here’s why two incomes can lead to more fulfillment and lower stress.

How Porn Impacts Real Intimacy and Real Relationships

Porn_GMP (588x441)

Jayson Gaddis wants to talk about porn use, and the impact it has on your real life relationships.

10 Signs I’m Disconnected From Myself

photo by xjrlokix

Jayson Gaddis knows when he’s disconnected. And knows what to do to connect back again.