So How Do You Redefine Jazz? Listen to Keith Jarrett

Jesse Kornbluth on ‘The Koln Concert’: A CD claimed to redefine jazz.

Three Life Lessons Ornette Coleman Taught Me

Teenagers always have someone they look up to, someone they wanna emulate, someone who inspires them.

I’ve Become That Guy Who Thinks Jazz Sounds Better On Vinyl And All It Took Was Losing Everything

Joe Peacock lost it all. It was good friends and good music that brought him back.

One Man’s Vision to Tee Up Success for At-Risk Kids: Part 2

According to Howard Bankman, the best way to help at-risk kids is with healthy doses of golf, jazz and character.

One Man’s Vision to Tee Up Success for At-Risk Kids: Part 1

Howard Bankhead lives by the motto, “Anything Positive is Possible” and he has lived that out for the past 12 years helping at-risk kids learn life lessons one swing at a time.

In Search of Henry Grimes

Henry Cherry had been an addict and a ne’er do well, but the music of Henry Grimes went beyond support, beyond the bass, beyond the beyond.

The World is On Fire

Jeremy Gross lost his job and found a new land within himself.

The Good Men Playlist : 8 Bossa Nova Songs for a Sad Man

Feeling sadness is common, expressing it is another story. Brazilian Bossa Nova is here, happy to help.

Gregory Porter Drops Third Jazz Album

Jazz singer Gregory Porter is selling out concerts from Vienna to Cape Town.

The Lie of Heroes: How Kerouac Almost Killed Me

By trying to follow in his literary hero’s footsteps, Jarad Dewing learned that not all heroes are what they seem.

33 Albums You Should Listen to Before You Die

Music you don’t have on your iPod … yet. Steve Jaeger’s got bold taste in movies, and albums, too.

Bingo, Jazz, and Ducks – Another Day in the Nursing Home

“Why do we think that if you put a random collection of elderly people together, they’d get along?”

Respect: Chuck Brown Passed Away Today [1936-2012]

The Godfather of Go-Go finally came to a stop, and we take a moment to pay tribute.

Ten things I've learned from rapping

Note: I really like to rap. I rap over instrumentals whenever I get a chance, I freestyle to myself when I walk around, but I’m really embarrassed to rap in public or in front of people. I don’t know why, but it takes a lot for me to go for it. Anyway, here are some things […]

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Carlo Alcos finds that only in hindsight is the truth plainly obvious.

Respect: The Jazzy Styles Of Thelonius Monk

The skill. The sound. Thelonius.