Jealous Guy Apologizes [Music Video]

jealous guy

John was a troubadour of peace and compassion, and a jealous guy.

The Secret to Keeping an Amazing Partner

one truth ot beat jealousy photo by reografie

Bryan Reeves expects other men to find the woman he loves sexy. He also expects that sometimes she’ll feel the same way about them.

Two Simple Truths to Beat Jealousy

Two Simple Truths to Beat Jealousy photo by d26b73

Bryan Reeves has a vaccine for jealousy. Inoculate yourself now, before it sickens your relationship.

From Siblings to Rivals – Why Parents Should Stop the Violence

kids fighting

It may be natural for kids to fight while they’re growing up. But it’s only healthy if they learn to do it right.

Competition From Another Man Or Woman? Bring It On!


“It’s human nature to want someone more when someone else wants them, too.”

Portrait of Jealousy: A Man Accused

Portrait of Jealousy by Terry Moore

Did this man’s roving eyes really ruin the picnic outing, or was it his wife’s jealous nature?

Jealousy & Suffering


We all get jealous at times. The trick is to realize, and then overcome it. Leo Babauta tells us how.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has A Lot Of ‘Guy Friends’


How to not freak out about your girlfriend’s platonic male buds.

Back Off My Wife! My Jealousy of a Little Girl


Doug Zeigler used to get frustrated and angered by his daughter’s constant attempts to get his wife’s attention. But then he saw what was really the issue: his jealousy.

The Seven Deadly Sins of a Relationship


Leo Babauta is back. Here, the married writer/lifestyle guru gives advice on what not to do in a relationship.

Why Gay Men Hate to Love (and Love to Hate) Muscle Bears

Isn't there room for everyone?

Ryan Shea wonders if it’s self-esteem, envy, bitterness, or something else dividing this community.

The Secret Reason Most Romantic Relationships Fall Apart


Lori Lothian reveals the hidden ingredient that spoils most romantic unions.

The J Word

The Good Men Project, Susie and Otto Collins, Jealousy, Relationships Advice, Jealousy in a Relationship, Relationship Problems,

Susie and Otto Collins break down one of the most toxic things to your sex life and relationship

4 Ways to Be Unloved


Orin Hahn explores the things that ruin good relationships

Stivers Cartoons: A Toast to Envy


A Toast to Envy

Gossip and TV Dinners: Scenes From a Divorce #6

Tv dinner photo by adrigu

Steve Axelrod remembers the pressures that small-town gossip put on his marriage, and jealousy affected his life after marriage.