8 Ways The World Cup Is Exactly Like Parenting


There are many parallels between the FIFA World Cup and parenting life. Here are 8 ways the World Cup and parenting are exactly alike. Yes, diving is involved.

Why Can’t Kid’s Music Change The World?

Rainbow-Kids-Music-Marriage-Equality-Song-from-Karen-K-and-Mista-Cookie-Jar1 (1)

Jeff Bogle discusses the power behind children’s music.

Realizing That It’s Time for the Sex Talk and Everything That Means

Realizing That It’s Time for the Sex Talk and Everything That Means

Jeff Bogle wasn’t worried about having the “talk” with his ten year old, but it did make him mourn the waning days of his daughter’s childhood.

The Night of Furby

The Night of Furby

Jeff Bogle was having a quiet night with his wife, when one of his daughters’ toys decided that it wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep yet…

Fatherhood Shines On The Small Screen


Jeff Bogle argues that TV shows like NBC’s “Parenthood” are making huge strides in changing the ways in which dads are portrayed on television

Why Raising Strong Girls Is Not Enough


Jeff Bogle argues that in addition to strengthening the core of our young girls, we need to make a more substantial attempt to soften our boys.

A Letter to the Woman Walking Her Dog in My Neighborhood

A Letter to the Woman Walking Her Dog in My Neighborhood

A young woman out with her dog inspires Jeff Bogle to think about female body image, wet hair, and his hopes and dreams for his daughters

11 Unconventional Lullabies Dads Should Sing to Their Kids

teddy, bear, headphones, music, kids

Are you looking for some new material at lullaby time? Jeff Bogle has got you covered!

Dads & Families Weekend Roundup: Oct. 28 – Nov. 1

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It’s the weekend! Enjoy a quick look back at all of the awesome we packed into one little week!

Nobody Finds Jesus On Prom Night

heartbeat photo by juhansonin

Jeff Bogle’s come to Jesus moment was when he had a health scare that changed all his bad habits in a heartbeat.

Music Fuels My Passion and Saves My Soul

Fueled by Passion for Music and Travel_Nissan Versa_Jeff Bogle and daughter with Brandi Carlile

Jeff Bogle fell in love with music long before he fell in love with his wife, long before his children were born. And luckily, he’s still passionate about all of them.

How To Stay Married – A 5 Point Plan


Jeff Bogle gives a layout for a strong, lasting marriage.

What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

photo by andrec

Fourteen dads make a wish list for Father’s Day that ranges from the fantastic to the absurd. Sadly, no one wants a necktie.

A Quick Response to Mayor Bloomberg’s Failed Giant Soda Regulation

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Jeff Bogle explains why mandated elimination will not change poor eating habits in the US.

The Conversation About Dads Just Keeps Getting Bigger: A Response to the New York Times on Dad 2.0

Dad 2.0 Summit Facebook Page

We are creating the change we want to see with how dads and men are portrayed in the media.

Mr. Mom Ain’t Dead


Reports that Mr. Mom is dead have been greatly exaggerated, according to Zach Rosenberg of 8BitDad