Why I Love English Football And Why You Should Too

Jeff Bogle was a little disappointed with the Super Bowl – here’s why he thinks English football is a lot more fun to watch.

A New Passion for An Old Craft

Jeff Bogle has a mantra with his own photography: Quality from passion. It’s why he admires men like Don Julio Gonzalez and the creation of legendary products. #donjulio #ad

Looking Foolish to the Crowd — A Life Lesson Under the Hood

You need chaos before brilliance. Jeff Bogle explains.

A Dad Declares “the End of Judgment”

Jeff Bogle used to judge you as a parent. He is done with that. Here is the new, non-judgmental, him.

I Love Giving Gifts. Excessively. And That’s Ok.

Jeff Bogle finds that with Amex Membership Rewards®, he can just keep on giving. #sponsored

Being a Better Parent Means Being a Better Driver

Jeff Bogle cites a recent study which claims that parents are the primary influence on how their children will drive one day, arguing that it is more important than ever for parents to put down their phones and model safe driving behavior in front of their kids.

Membership Rewards® to the Rescue

Jeff Bogle is always looking for ways to be a superhero dad. This time it was easy.

A Civilized Guy’s Guide to Walking Down the Street

Jeff Bogle’s got a handy flowchart to help you figure out what to do if an attractive woman passes you on the street.

Great Experiences Build Memories: The Top 6 Ways Our Family Looks for Fun and Joy

Using Membership Rewards® from American Express, my family can experience a whole lot of things that might have otherwise been out of reach.

What’s Even Better Than a Great Dad? A Great Baby-Wearing Dad!

Prepare to explode every myth you know about dads… because these fathers are out on the town with their babies held close.

What Happened When Two Modern Dads Met For Dinner

It was supposed to be just a dinner. Jeff Bogle found it was so much more. “We were engaged in a conversation men of previous generations rarely could and therefore rarely did have.” Here’s what happened.

4 Words All Dads of Daughters Need to Hear

Jeff Bogle has a message for every dad of a newborn daughter, a crucial piece of advice that can be summed up in four simple words…

The 7 Things I’ve Stopped Worrying About as a Parent

Like most parents, Jeff Bogle started his career as a dad with a long list of worries. But now that his kids are older, here are some of the things he’s not worrying about any more…

8 Ways The World Cup Is Exactly Like Parenting

There are many parallels between the FIFA World Cup and parenting life. Here are 8 ways the World Cup and parenting are exactly alike. Yes, diving is involved.

Why Can’t Kid’s Music Change The World?

Jeff Bogle discusses the power behind children’s music.

Realizing That It’s Time for the Sex Talk and Everything That Means

Jeff Bogle wasn’t worried about having the “talk” with his ten year old, but it did make him mourn the waning days of his daughter’s childhood.