Justin Bieber Grabbed And Kissed By Jenny McCarthy

Would the same nonresponse have happened with Justine Bieber?

Our Football Picks, Week 3: One-Question Quiz

Fill in the blank: Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III became the first ever quarterback ______________ to start an NFL game.

Hot Dog Hooker: Would You Like Boobs with That?

Jamie Reidy shares the story of the New York hot dog vendor who strips for her customers.

If I were lesbian

…she’s nerdy hot. Me likey.           Sunday night at 9:01 I was NOT sitting on the couch watching Celebrity Apprentice.  Instead I was sitting on my bed, eating Bottle Caps and watching videos for Music Monday on JR’s Journey.  I was also texting The Muse. She asked if my friends and […]

Ten Celebrity MILF’s

This is a celebration of beauty, of motherhood and of extreme hotness! Urban Dictionary.com describes a MILF as: Mothers, whether married, separated or divorced, that a male individual sees as physical attractive enough to want to have sexual intercourse with them. Just cuz their moms doesn’t mean that they don’t need a spark in their […]