Do You Know The Man In The Photo? He’s the World’s Greatest Singer

You’re truly missing out if you haven’t heard the music of these artists. Jesse Kornbluth on some seriously talented Muslim musicians.

Night Work

Jesse Kornbluth reviews David C. Taylor’s “Night Life” – a thriller you won’t be able to put down.

The Song of my Summer: ‘Nights Like This You Better Not Miss’

Jesse Kornbluth will be jamming out to this artist all summer.

Dad’s Are Some of the Most Important People on Earth. (With that said, here’s your Father’s Day Gift Guide)

Looking for something unusual to give to dad this Father’s Day? We’ve rounded them up for you.

The King Of Historical Thrillers Has A New Book. I Prefer An Old One.

Jesse Kornbluth reviews Alan Furst’s “The Foreign Correspondent”.


What Does Memorial Day Make You Think Of?

A series of short personal reflections on the multiple meanings of Memorial Day.

Love Everyone: The Transcendent Wisdom of Neem Karoli Baba Told Through the Stories of the Westerners Whose Lives He Transformed

Jesse Kornbluth on the life of an incredibly inspiring poet.

Who Thinks More About Death — You Or A Dying ‘Great’ Writer?

Jesse Kornbluth the violet hour: when writer’s reach their end.

7 Reasons to Buy The Original Good Men Project Anthology

Looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day? Or do you just want to read the 31 original stories that inspired The Good Men Project mission? Here are seven great reasons….

1 Of The 10 Best Historical Novels. A Sicilian ‘Gone With The Wind’

Jesse Kornbluth reviews a classic love story with a Sicilian twist.

Trump? How Did This Happen? In 1951, Eric Hoffer Drew A Map

Jesse Korbluth unpacks the predication Eric Hoffer had for the future of America more than 50 years ago.

A Leader. And a Thinker. His Birthday? Yesterday. He’d be 1,836

Jesse Kornbluth celebrates Marcus Aurelius.

Never Too Hungover: Hangover Prevention Drink

Jesse Kornbluth personally reviews the hangover preventative, Never Too Hungover.

Bruce Springsteen Won’t Sing In North Carolina. Who’s Next?

Jesse Kornbluth on who will join the protest against North Carolina’s anti-transgender laws.

This is scorching now. I adore it. You might too.

Jesse Kornbluth reviews the music of Lukas Graham.

All Things Cease to Appear

I hated George Clare. I wanted him punished. You will too.