“The said to be blind meant not to see. How was I to believe them when I saw?”


And There Was Light: The autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran, blind hero of the French Resistance.

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Is The World Running Out Of Water?

dry lake 2

Running out of water: The looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource.

Here Comes the Night: Death in the 60s

death art photo by asboluv

Jesse Kornbluth reflects on the inevitability (or not) of death with humor and grace.

Artis Henderson’s ‘Unremarried Widow’ [Review and Interview]

photo by the join staff

“Everything will be ok.” When you are the widow of a serviceman who died in Iraq, those words are so not ok. Jesse Kornbluth talks to Artis Chester about her book and her life.

Bored? Walk the Appalachian Trail (or just read about it)

A walk in the woods by Bill Bryson

Jesse Kornbluth reviews A Walk in the Woods and realizes that Bill Bryson is a funny, funny man.

The Pursuit of Loneliness and The Death of Philip Slater

Philip Slater and the Pursuit of Lonliness

Slater’s classic book changed the way Jesse Kornbluth thought back in 1970, and guides him even now. Here’s why.

His Marriage Was to the Wrong Woman: A Book Review


The phrase for any novel by James Salter is “A major literary event”. It’s especially true for “All That Is.”

Without Limits


On the eve of the Boston Marathon, Jesse Kornbluth remembers the great American runner, Steve Prefontaine, and the movie about his life and career.

An Open Letter to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz


Jesse Kornbluth’s very frank letter for the prosecutor he believes was persecuting Aaron Swartz.

‘Magic Mike’ – The Most Enjoyable American Movie of Last Year

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 8.18.35 AM

Male stripper film ‘Magic Mike’ is now available on DVD, and Jesse Kornbluth has a surprising review.

Alabama Shakes

alabama shakes by artist

Jesse Kornbluth, on a new band that is not slick, wears street clothes, and plays it like they mean it.

Men and Feminism: A Good Men Project Roundtable

Men and Feminism Graphic

If there’s one thing we’re all about here at the Good Men Project, it’s discussion.

Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

couple in ocean

“The benefits of orgasm can have a huge ripple effect.” Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm, by Nicole Daedone. A book review.

Paul Simon’s “Graceland”: An Introduction


Out of apartheid and the newly-budding reggae scene in South Africa came an album we would never forget.

Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold


You read books when you’re ready for them to redefine your reality.