Anti-Jewish Oppression & Theme of Powerful Manipulators

With small numbers, net accumulated wealth and disparate political, religious, and socioeconomic class backgrounds, Jewish people simply do not have the clout of which others have accused us.

Performing Black Masculinity: Reflections on a Jewish Boy’s Youth

Our perceptions of black masculinity are based on myths white men created to dehumanize black men. But we are captive to these myths inasmuch as we desire to make this imagined black masculinity our own.

A New Pre-Game Ritual?

Waiting for a friend outside Wrigley Field, Paul Schneider discovers a new way to honor an ancient ritual.

Trevor Noah, Lena Dunham, And The Troubling Persistence Of Anti-Semitism

Their jokes were wrong. But the defense on Twitter was even worse.

All About the Holidays

A number of writers familiar and new wrote for The Good Men Project this year. Here’s a roundup of some of their contributions.

My Jewish Family’s Christmas Tradition—German Pancake

Many Jewish families have their own special Christmas traditions. Thomas Fiffer remembers—and recreates—his mother’s German Pancake.

JK Rowling Had The Perfect Response About LGBT Students At Hogwarts

JK Rowling comes out with her views on LGBT and Jewish students at Hogwarts. We’re all happy to know that this fictional school is a safe haven for more than just Harry.

Serena Williams to Luciana Berger, Racism not Tolerated

From public officials making offensive comments about private citizens, to private citizens making the same about public officials, bigotry and racism will not be tolerated.

First Rule of War: Don’t Target Civilians, Especially Women & Children

War is insanity and brings about pain, death and misery. Peace equals life, prosperity and happiness. What do you chose?

We’re All Getting Older: Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

Jess Kornbluth reviews cartoonist Roz Chast’s memoir, and discusses the hard stuff about getting older.

Tal Fortgang, Privilege and Unintended Ironies

Community College instructor Gint Aras responds to Tal Fortgang’s dismissal of his white privilege.

The Long Road of Jewish Racialization

The historical ideologies of anti-Jewish prejudice from the 15th century to the Overland Park, Kansas Murders.

What I Learned About Marriage After Officiating 300 Weddings

Edie Weinstein is learning the meaning of love, commitment and devotion after standing at the altar at least 300 times.

A 13-Year-Old Explains Marriage Equality…at His Bar Mitzvah

During his Bar Mitzvah, this young man teaches a lesson about love that many people would like to ignore.


Edie Weinstein writes about the men in her life, the changes in her body and the different sources of inspiration she’s found for love and friendship

A Teenage Boy’s Letter to His Older Brother Leaving Home

Gabriel Goldstein sends off his older brother to military service with a moving portrait of their brotherly bond.