In Defense of Men Who Say, ‘We’re Pregnant’

Is the man saying “My body has a child in it?” I think not.

In Memory of Joep Lange, AIDS Research Hero, Who Was Killed Aboard MH17

Every life lost aboard MH17 was a huge blow to humanity. Here, we remember one of the great names in the race to prevent and cure AIDS, Dr. Joep Lange.

Who is Belle Knox? Reflections on Duke University’s Porn Star

N.C. Harrison asks outraged critics of Duke University porn star Miriam Weeks to avoid rushing to judgment.

Do Looks Matter?

Dr. NerdLove examines the notion that you have to look like Brad Pitt for women to like you.

Dear Feminist Bloggers, Stop Telling Men How To Enjoy Their Bodies

What is wrong with a guy who wants to use a sex toy? Nothing. And how is projecting some sort of unfair stereotype of him helpful? It’s not.

An Old-Fashioned Gentleman In A Modern Feminist World?

Is it possible to be an old-fashioned gentleman in a world of gender equality? 

The Atlantic Reports On The Decline Of Maxim

Who’s stealing Maxim’s audience? According to the Atlantic, we are.

Are All Prostitutes Being Trafficked?

Noah Berlatsky examines the complicated distinction between prostitution and sex trafficking, and believes that prostitutes’ own experiences are what create the difference.

Intriguing: The New Ugly?

Tracy Moore at Jezebel thinks their readers should learn to embrace “intrigue” over sexual attraction in their potential lovers.

What if the ‘Nice Guys of OK Cupid’ is Harming Innocent People?

Joanna Schroeder has known a lot of Nice Guys™ and understands the frustration and fear women feel as a result, but believes the bullying and humiliation happening on Nice Guys of OK Cupid is out of line.

This Much I Know To Be True

Despite the fact that manhood has become a third rail of modern society, I refuse to stop talking about it.

2012: A Year of Outrages

It was a year of zany attacks from all sides. I’m thinking that might just mean we are onto something.

Evidence for the Reality of the Uncontrollable Boner & the Abominable Snowman

Lori Lothian explores the evolutionary biology behind why men cheat, and why women forgive them.

Open Thread: Men and Spitting – Manly or Disgusting?

Spitters of the world unite… And discuss!

Guess What: Rape’s Not Funny When the Victim is a Man, Either

Miriam takes issue with the sexual assault joke in Jezebel’s ‘Sexytime Dilemmas’ column, and asserts that jokes about raping men simply aren’t funny.


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