Royal Rumble 2015 Preview

royal rumble 2005

The greatest Royal Rumble match ever took place 11 years ago when Chris Benoit went wire to wire to win the match and become number one contender.

This is Your Summer Slam 2014 Preview


Jim Jividen breaks down this year’s Summer Slam, and in the process ranks every Summer Slam in history.

God Was on His Side: Accessing Mark Jackson


Jim Jividen discusses the firing of Mark Jackson and the special kind of privilege that Jackson and other avowed Christians have.

Wrestlemania XXX Preview (Special bonus: every Wrestlemania match of all time ranked!)


Wrestling expert and ESPN game show champion Jim Jividen previews Wrestlemania XXX.

Joe Biden and Ryan Braun: Performance-Enhanced Alpha Males

Biden - Emily Traynor

There are genuine issues of goodness or badness to worry about in the world, but they do not involve Ryan Braun and other PED users.

All 47 Super Bowl MVPs Re-Awarded/The Top 25 Performances in Super Bowl History


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen reevaluates all of the 47 Super Bowl MVP performances and determines who really should have won each award.

The San Francisco 49ers Complete NFC Championship Game History


Longtime 49ers fan and ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen recaps his team’s 14 prior NFC Championship Game appearances as the team prepares for its 15th.

Brother vs. Brother: A Conversation about the NFC Championship Game


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen and his longtime friend Kirk Hiner discuss the raw emotions that accompany the upcoming game between their favorite teams.

2013 Survivor Series Preview


Wrestling expert and game show champion Jim Jividen previews the 2013 Survivor Series and ranks every match in the history of the event.

NFLPA Fantasy Football


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen lays out your fantasy draft for you.

Mansplained: SummerSlam 2013


Wrestling expert Jim Jividen breaks down this weekend’s pay-per-view extravaganza and ranks every match in SummerSlam history.

I Feel Deliciously Light and Cool: A Unified Theory of Almost Evertything


Game show winner, lawyer, and college instructor Jim Jividen explains it all.

Single Moms and Missed Layups


LeBron James’ real or imagined shortcomings have nothing to do with the fact that he was raised by a single mother, argues Jim Jividen.

Be Less Loyal


Putting aside issues of team and party affiliation, Jim Jividen believes intellectual consistency is the highest possible value.

Defining Deviancy Down


Jim Jividen reflects on a recent Real World fistfight and concludes that what once shocked now barely registers.

The Wrestler: Should the Academy Awards Test for Performance-Enhancing Drugs?


“The Wrestler” star Mickey Rourke won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for a performance clearly enhanced with the use of drugs. Why isn’t Bob Costas complaining about that?