Men: We Do Want Your Help in the Feminist Movement!


Joanna Schroeder believes women-identified folks should be leading and defining the feminist movement, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for male allies.

A Love Story: CBS News ‘Sunday Morning’… and Me?

Oh, Kuralt.

Joanna Schroeder has a very, very strange love story to tell you on this Sunday morning.

Is There Really a Difference Between Donald Sterling and the Redskins?


Joanna Schroeder looks at the legacy NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could leave if he chose to lead against racism the way the NBA has.

What Would You Do If It All Fell Apart and You Had to Start Over?


It’s our Question of the Day: You’ve fallen from grace and lost your reputation. What do you do to start living the life you always wanted, as the man you always knew you could be?

Violence In The Everyday Lives Of Our Boys


Does being a guy mean that you have to fight?

What Album Do You Wish You Could Hear For the First Time Again?


Today’s Question of the Day requires you only to think about the album that really changed you forever.

Honey Maid’s “Love” Ad Responds To Hate and Makes Me Cry

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 12.17.51 AM

When I see the love and acceptance in ads like this one by Honey Maid, all I can think is, “What if Matthew Shepard had been born today?”

How Has Masculinity Changed In The 21st Century?

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 5.28.38 PM

GMP Executive Editor Joanna Schroeder sits down with the folks at Take Part Live, joined by Charlie Capen from How To Be A Dad.

The Question Is… What’s Your Most Ridiculous Fear?

His name is Brand and he uses workout gear you forgot existed.

If you tell Joanna Schroeder your silliest fear, she’ll tell you hers. Okay, she’ll tell you hers regardless. Hint: It has something to do with the film Goonies.

The Question Is… The ‘Strangers First Kiss’ Video: Art, Ad, or Both?


Turns out that massively viral video of strangers kissing for the first time was a clothing ad. Does that change how you see the art behind the project?

The Question Is… If You Didn’t Care What Anybody Thought, What Would You Do Differently?


Imagine a world where you don’t give a single fig what anybody thinks…

Musical Proof That Men Really Are Romantic

Untitled 3

Think guys aren’t romantic? Give these 35 songs by men a listen and change your mind.

Man Crying: 10 Ways to Justify Your Leaky Eyeholes


Yes, there is a manly way to cry. Or at least a manly way to to explain why your face is wetter than usual.

The Question Is… What Did You Think You’d Grow Up To Be?

cash register

What if you’d grown up to become what you dreamed of as a kid?

I Keep Trying to Make My Son Cool


Joanna Schroeder admits that she thinks coolness matters…and she wonders if that makes her a jerk or a good parent.