The Question Is… The ‘Strangers First Kiss’ Video: Art, Ad, or Both?


Turns out that massively viral video of strangers kissing for the first time was a clothing ad. Does that change how you see the art behind the project?

The Question Is… If You Didn’t Care What Anybody Thought, What Would You Do Differently?


Imagine a world where you don’t give a single fig what anybody thinks…

Musical Proof That Men Really Are Romantic

Untitled 3

Think guys aren’t romantic? Give these 35 songs by men a listen and change your mind.

Man Crying: 10 Ways to Justify Your Leaky Eyeholes


Yes, there is a manly way to cry. Or at least a manly way to to explain why your face is wetter than usual.

The Question Is… What Did You Think You’d Grow Up To Be?

cash register

What if you’d grown up to become what you dreamed of as a kid?

I Keep Trying to Make My Son Cool


Joanna Schroeder admits that she thinks coolness matters…and she wonders if that makes her a jerk or a good parent.

What Do You Love? A Call for Submissions in Only 100 Words

magic misspelled

Can you tell a whole story about love in only 100 words? An open call for submissions.

100 Words on Love: You Open Up For Me


I run my hands across your ink, barely raised, and tuck you underneath my pillow where you wait.

11 Things Your Teen Won’t Regret in 11 Years

soccer in the rain

Adults are constantly warning teens about what they’ll regret. Here, 11 things they probably won’t.

Mustache-a-Day: My Dad

dad and michael 1982

This Movember, Joanna Schroeder pays homage to a non-famous mustache—her dad’s.

A Month of Thankfulness: The Wind

santa anas

Joanna Schroeder explains the glorious drama and sensual joy of standing in the middle of a swirling wind.

The Question Is…. John Mayer or John Denver–YOU MUST CHOOSE!


For the rest of your life every time you hear music it will either only be John Mayer or John Denver. You CANNOT stop listening to music. WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE?

NCAI’s New Report on Racist Sports Team Reminds Us of How Little Progress We’ve Made

Washington helmets

A new report by the National Congress of American Indians issues a new report detailing the ways in which Native citizens are harmed by racist sports team names and mascots.

Understanding the “Boy World” With Author Rosalind Wiseman (Video)

Masterminds Cover

GMP editors Marie Roker-Jones and Joanna Schroeder sit down with Masterminds and Wingmen author Rosalind Wiseman to talk about helping our boys navigate the world.

For The Love of Men – A New Editorial Section at GMP

We're all connected

A team of women are launching a new section at The Good Men Project focusing on women supporting men and the issues surrounding masculinity.