The Question Is…. John Mayer or John Denver–YOU MUST CHOOSE!


For the rest of your life every time you hear music it will either only be John Mayer or John Denver. You CANNOT stop listening to music. WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE?

NCAI’s New Report on Racist Sports Team Reminds Us of How Little Progress We’ve Made

Washington helmets

A new report by the National Congress of American Indians issues a new report detailing the ways in which Native citizens are harmed by racist sports team names and mascots.

Understanding the “Boy World” With Author Rosalind Wiseman (Video)

Masterminds Cover

GMP editors Marie Roker-Jones and Joanna Schroeder sit down with Masterminds and Wingmen author Rosalind Wiseman to talk about helping our boys navigate the world.

For The Love of Men – A New Editorial Section at GMP

We're all connected

A team of women are launching a new section at The Good Men Project focusing on women supporting men and the issues surrounding masculinity.

Exploring Options for Ending Bullying

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.56.44 PM

Good Men Project Premium Members sit down with Bullying Prevention Educator Jamie Utt, for a conversation about how to truly change the culture of bullying in schools. (Video)

I Killed a Spider for My Sons’ Respect

big ass spider

Joanna Schroeder finally revealed to her children just how much of a maniac she truly is.

The 7 Hardest-to-Answer Questions My Kids Have Ever Asked… And 2 Surprisingly Easy Ones

curious boy

Joanna Schroeder thought she was prepared for the questions her boys might ask… Turns out she was wrong.

Keeping Our Kids Safe in Sports (Video)

Nick Inzerello, Google Hangout, Heads Up Football, USA Football, Google+

We had a chance to sit down with Nick Inzerello of USA Football to talk about changes to pro football, player safety and keeping our kids safe in sports.

Facing the Reality of Men Who’ve Been Raped By Women

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 4.17.09 PM

An article in The Atlantic exposes the reality of male survivors who’ve been assaulted by females, including Don Draper, the main character in the show Mad Men.

This Is What Happens When a Dad Advocates For His Daughter

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 8.20.24 PM

At 21 days old, Joanna Schroeder had severe hip problems requiring hospitalization. Her dad invented and built a device so she could stay home with her family.

Challenging ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

boys will be boys, Joanna Schroeder, raising boys, rape culture, Good Men Project

Joanna Schroeder insists that dismissing boys’ bad behavior as a natural part of being male is dangerous for both boys and girls.

This Cheerios Ad is NOT Controversial

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.42.00 AM

What’s controversial about the Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family is not the fact that the parents are of different races…

Mad Men Episode 9: Is There a Cure For Don Draper’s Sex Addiction?

Mad Men, Season 6 Episode 9 Mad Men, Joanna Schroeder, Mad Men Recap

Joanna Schroeder recaps Episode 9 of Mad Men, and explains the ways in which great television is as much about our own hopes and dreams as it is about the storyline and characters.

Mad Men, Episode 6: Despite Being a Complete Jerk, Don Draper is a Hero Once Again

Joanna Schroeder, Mad Men recap, Pete Campbell falls down stairs, Mad Men Gifs, pete stairs mad men gif, mad men episode 6 season 6, mad men photos, mad men analysis

Joanna Schroeder recaps and rips into this week’s episode of Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 6.

My Girlfriend Denies Facebook-Stalking Her Ex

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 1.08.04 PM

A man asks Eli and Josie for help when he suspects his girlfriend is Facebook-stalking her ex.

Saying ‘No’ Is the Compassionate and Respectful Thing to Do

tent, camp counselor abuse, Salon, Jillian Lauren, Hugo Schwyzer, Joanna Schroeder, Good Men Project, statutory rape

Joanna Schroeder and Hugo Schwyzer react to a moving Salon article where a woman finally realizes she isn’t responsible for being taken advantage of by a 20 year-old man, when she was only 12.