RealLifeStarter: The Kickstarter That Encourages Millennials To Get Real Jobs (Video)


Here is a comedic look at the sometimes difficult lives of young creatives.

Monsters University and Being a Young Man


Monsters University reminds us that failing does not always stop us from achieving our dreams, something that more young men desperately need to hear.

How a Chainsaw Made Me a Better Man


Awarding “Man Points” for stereotypically masculine actions is misleading and can be damaging. But I love how that chainsaw helped me grow.

“That’s why the recent budget deal that cut military benefits by $6B is a problem, don’t ya think?”

Homeless Veterans

This comment by Tom Brechlin on the post From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless

The 11 Ultimate Rules to Triumphing Workplace Politics


Keay Nigel with some tips for guys entering the workforce.

Why I Decided to Stop Being Underemployed


N.C. Harrison completed graduate school and wound up back at the old job that he had worked as an undergraduate. Then he decided to quit and follow his dreams.

Dear John: Divorce May End The Marriage But Not The Problems


A shallow and abusive husband shares custody, a friend’s terrible paint job, and a husband unsure about his kids seeing him smoke pot.

“It bothers me when people look down on those who do dirty or the so called undesirable jobs.”


These comments are from KKZ and Tom B. on “Ask the Feminist Answers: Definitions, Recommendations and Media Violence Against Men.”

US College Grads Under-Qualified for Employment

student, students, college, college graduates, graduates, skills, computers, programming, engineering, kirk mcdonald

Kirk McDonald tells the cold, hard truth about finding jobs after graduation.

Dear John: My Womanizing Roommate Is After a Girl I Like


A flirty roommate, a disappointed friend after a job opportunity doesn’t pan out, and a mom who doesn’t want her son to study abroad.

10 Things Being a Waiter Taught Me about Being a Better Man


Waiting tables can be an opportunity to develop skills from humility to leadership.

Workplace Bullying: A Chronic Corporate Disease

photo by william brawley

Rakesh Malhotra, on how to detect against bullying in the workplace — even if it’s yourself.

Writing Outside the (Idiot) Box


Dream of churning out laughs for the Hollywood machine? Do it from home, counsels Greg White, who finds freedom writing for anything but TV.

Eat the Rich


Both the rich-defenders and the rich-haters are right in their own way, given what they’re focused on.

“Having a perfect career looked great on the outside. But was the stress worth the 5 heart attacks?”


This is a comment by Tom B on the post “Odd Jobbing”.

Why “What Do You Do?” is an Attack on Manhood

What do you do Matlack

Tom Matlack wonders why men are always defined by what they do, instead of who they are, or better yet, what they love.