Missing Social Cues?

When coaches fail to speak up for social injustice, we look to the players with nothing to lose or gain in this week’s Friday Sports Dump.

Has The Real Purpose of College Athletics Been Lost?

In this edition of “Beneath the Surface” Adam Crawford looks at what we’re missing from college athletics.

A Fish Tale: Sports Quotes of the Week

As Zlatan Imbrahimovic continues to provide his top-shelf one-liners and March Madness brings out the best in coaches and players alike, we find a story that stands above them all as he looks at the most memorable quotes from the world of sport in the past week (March 10 to 17, 2015). ___ This week’s […]

The Week in Sports….Quotes: Say What?!

From Rafa and Roger to Rory, The Good Men Project’s Sports team takes a look at the most memorable quotes from the world of sport in the past week.

Is the NCAA Knocking Down the Gods of College Sports?

Liam Day hopes the NCAA’s new regulations will help prioritize students’ futures over the wealth of the universities’ sports programs.

The NFL Draft: Morris Claiborne and the Hundred-Yard Lie

Star Louisiana State University cornerback Morris Claiborne either bombed the Wonderlic or didn’t give a shit about it. What can we learn from this?

March Madness: The Fiction Special

Carlton Suede is about to dunk the ball. Without an ounce of grace — his mutt of a mother used to call him “our clubfooted son” — he is rising through the lower ether. Above the marshmallow-thick white soles, higher than the tense, ribbed socks, surpassing even the shiny mesh culottes of his despairing opponents. […]

Why John Calipari is a Good Coach

John Calipari inspires strong emotions on all sides, but Oliver Bateman thinks we need to put emotions aside and acknowledge that this guy is very, very good at preparing his players for the next level.

Rooting Against Kentucky is the Right Thing to Do

John Calipari has taken cheating to new heights.

VCU Gives Us the Story We Want

VCU’s odds of making the Final Four were 821 to one. Based on the regular season, it’s one of the most improbable achievements in sports history.