The Boy With Golden Hands: An Open Letter to Zion Harvey

For Erin Kelly, Zion Harvey’s journey of strength and determination hits home. She shares her thoughts on how his story has affected her, and how he’s on his way to becoming a good man.

John Cena: The Make a Wish Foundation’s Undisputed Champion

John Cena has inspired millions in the ring as a WWE wrestler and is turning heads in Amy Schumer’s hit film, Trainwreck. His biggest impact, however, may be the work he does with The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

‘Trainwreck’ Changes the Rules of Romantic Comedies

A movie that is vulgar but has its heartfelt moments The romantic comedy is not new to Hollywood. It has been in existence almost since the beginning. The formula is simple really with the man meeting woman and somehow against all odds they fall in love and end with marriage and living happily ever after. […]

WWE Superstar, John Cena is … Doing It Right

John Cena is not just a champion in the ring, he is also a champion at making kids’ wishes come true.

Nice Guys Finish Last…Due to Chronic Injuries: The Saga of Daniel Bryan

What will become of pro wrestling’s short, oh-so-normal, and badly injured everyman?

Wrestlemania XXX Preview (Special bonus: every Wrestlemania match of all time ranked!)

Wrestling expert and ESPN game show champion Jim Jividen previews Wrestlemania XXX.

2013 Survivor Series Preview

Wrestling expert and game show champion Jim Jividen previews the 2013 Survivor Series and ranks every match in the history of the event.

Male Bodies and the Lies We Tell About Them: The Making and Faking of Professional Wrestling

What can a “sport” built around fakery and deception teach us about the lies men tell themselves?

The Perfect Male Body

In the first of a series of posts about the objectification of the “ideal” male body, Oliver Lee Bateman examines the life and times of fitness entrepreneur Joe Weider.

Wrestlemania 29 Preview

Wrestling expert Jim Jividen previews Wrestlemania 29 and ranks every single Wrestlemania match in the pay-per-view’s long and storied history.

2013 Academy Award Predictions

Former game show champion Jim Jividen handicaps the Academy Awards.

The Royal Rumble: A 30-Man Pro Wrestling Brawl Turns 25 (Part 3)

Jericho Ricardi concludes his review with Royal Rumbles of the 21st century.

The Royal Rumble: A 30-Man Pro Wrestling Brawl Turns 25 (Part 2)

The second installment in one writer’s journey to document every Royal Rumble match in pro wrestling history.

2012 Survivor Series Preview

Who’s going to win big at the 2012 Survivor Series? Wrestling expert Jim Jividen has the inside scoop.

The 50 Best Matches in WWF/WWE History – Part 2

Jim Jividen continues with the top 25 matches in WWF/WWE history. They all could have been best match of the year, they call could have been a contender.

Our Senses-Shattering SummerSlam Preview

Wrestling expert and erstwhile ESPN game show champion Jim Jividen previews one of the biggest events of the WWE calendar.