The Lessons I Learned After Nearly Hitting My Child

John Edwards learned a valuable lesson about bringing your baggage from their childhood to parenthood the day he almost hit his child.

Time for a Speak-Out

Mark Sherman says it’s time for men to stop feigning shock and outrage when a famous man is accused of adultery—and even take the next bold step.

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter’s Book and the Pigs at the Trough

Cable news knows every detail about Rielle Hunter’s affair with John Edwards, but can’t tell if the Supreme Court is a yay or nay on the single biggest decision in its recent history.

Comfortably Numb, Stupidly Unashamed: Rielle Hunter and Serial Apathy

If all that is needed to become a celebrity is to have an affair with one, writes Ken Goldstein, have we become a species that has amused itself to death?

Men in the Margins

Too often men are either reduced to”cute boys” or “terrible human beings”.

Feminists Shouldn’t Be Shaming John Edwards

Shaming anyone for engaging in any kind of non-exploitative, consensual sex—even if it makes you queasy—is a slippery slope. Lynn Beisner explains why tolerance is best.

“There are few things more attractive than a real man standing before you and saying, ‘This is who I am.'”

This Comment is by Carla Smith on Tom Matlack’s post “Is There a Moral to John Edwards?”

Is There a Moral to John Edwards?

The moral of the Edwards trial is the extent to which we collectively have lost track of what is important and, in fact, have lost track of the truth of what it means to be a man.

CNN Columnist Emails GMP to Clarify Male Stupidity

“There are countless men I admire and respect. The very reason the misbehavior is noteworthy is because it deviates from the expected.”

CNN asks, “Are Men Stupid?” … Actually, No.

Why focus on the perceived stupidity of the few rather than the brilliance or courage or big-heartedness of the many?

Feminism, the Duke Rape Hoax, and Searching for Empathy

A reader reminds us that “looking at the other’s point of view” can be difficult even for those who call for it publicly.

Do Weiner’s Tears Mean Anything?

What do we make of yet another confession?

Are Men Natural-Born Cheaters?

Men are more promiscuous than women, but that doesn’t mean we should buy the cultural fallacy that men are programmed to cheat. The vast majority of men are happily, naturally monogamous.