Building My Father’s Coffin

John Manchester was dreading the fulfillment of his father’s last wish: that his children build him a coffin. In the end, he discovered that working alongside his son and other family members was the perfect therapy.

50 Years Later, A Son Relives His Father’s Tribulation At Writing ‘Death Of A President’

John Manchester remembers the day JFK was killed, and memories of his father, who wrote the definitive Kennedy biography.

No, You May Not Write About Me

John Manchester discovers that his novel contains more truth than his memoir did, and vows to continue writing…even if that means turning the truth of his life into fiction.

The Best of GMP’s Men’s Stories

Some of our favorite stories and confessions by men, highlighting The Good Men Project’s original mission of creating a space for men to tell their stories and support one another.

The Best of GMP’s Family and Relationship Writing

Some of our favorite stories about men’s relationships with the partners and their families.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt On Journalistic Integrity and Honoring Loved Ones

Massively-talented actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt made an appeal today about the way his brother’s death was portrayed in the media that caused Joanna Schroeder to think about what really matters in storytelling.

Men’s Stories in Context – Why Feminism Belongs at the GMP

Joanna Schroeder believes that stories matter, but without analysis, the conversation is stunted.

Open Thread: What Sort of Father Was Your Dad?

What type of father was your dad? What’s your best memory of him? As a parent, will you learn from his mistakes or try to be just like him?

Bullying and the Cult of the Tough Guy

Mitt Romney’s bullying evoked a painful memory within John Manchester, as well as concern for the message we send by electing a bully as President.