Steinbeck’s Best Advice on Falling in the Right Kind of Love

The object of love is the best and most beautiful. Try to live up to it. Nothing good gets away.

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After reading Letters of Note, Brian Shea discusses the power and depth of the lost art of handwritten letters

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Now see? This is what a father should say, although free association will also get you pretty far…

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Mark Brand on the decline of quality, sex, and quality sex in mass market fiction.

Should Marine Animals Be Trained for Warfare?

Capt. William E. Simpson was stunned by the beauty, grace and intelligence of dolphins in the Sea of Cortez. So he hated to see them then be used by the Navy.

Man-to-Man with Reid Maki of the Child Labor Coalition

Cameron Conaway sits down with Reid Maki to discuss child labor exploitation and how responsible consumers can bring change.