Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Trickster

In all things, take amusement and laugh because it may not matter tomorrow, and you will be the wise fool.

John Stewart: Your Last Moment of Zen

“So I say to you tonight, friends: The best defense against bullshit is vigilance. So, if you smell something, say something.”–Jon Stewart, in his last episode of the Daily Show

28 Black People You Probably Don’t Know About (But You Should)— Orrin Evans

The journalist who helped end segregation in the military also published the first comic book with black heroes and black creators.

The Argument for Chicago Deep Dish

Nick Jurczak refutes the claims that John Stewart and other New Yorkers have made about Deep Dish pizza, reiterating why Chicago is #1 in terms of pizza.

War, What’s It Good For? Absolutely Nothin’

Oil is a filthy vicious sludge. War is a filthy vicious game with deadly consequences. Both go hand in hand and neither make much sense, writes Giovanni Barbieri.

The Proper Way To Be Black

Apparently, there is an appropriate way to be a black man in 2013. Christian Coleman wants to discuss why it is that he doesn’t give a damn.

Should Health Care Be Prorated by Your BMI?

A chance meeting with a cardiologist had me thinking twice about our national priorities about health care and the fiscal cliff.

10 Men With the Capacity to Change the World

Despite reports to the contrary, there actually are some men out there bettering themselves and the world we live in.

EXCLUSIVE: Movies: Don’t Count Out John Stewart As Green Lantern Yet!

Actor Nick Jones Jr. drops tantalizing tidbits that the fate of the Green Lantern John Stewart might not be sealed just yet!

Comics: John Stewart’s Back in Green Lantern Corps #1

Here’s a look at the new comic featuring John Stewart, hitting shelves in September.