Are You Losing Your Compassion?

What does compassion mean to you and how does it show up in your daily life?

2014: Is The Black Male’s Legacy Death?

Aleasa Word questions the dollar value attached to lives of black males and the legacy it leaves

The Man Who Killed Our Son Still Needs Our Prayers

In Part I of Nicole Franklin’s series on race and forgiveness, she examines Lucia McBath’s request for prayers for Michael Dunn, the man who murdered her 17 year old son, Jordan Davis.

Seriously, Can We Stop Calling The Cops On Little Black Kids Already?

Denene Millner recounts the story of the 11 year-old boy who was held at gunpoint by cops… for building a treehouse in his own back yard.

The Niggification of America

More than 50 years after the death of Emmit Till, Reuben Jones says blacks men and boys are safer in Afghanistan than on the streets of America.

Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis’ Mothers Team Up Take A Stand Against “Stand Your Ground” Law

While legislators plan to expand current stand your ground laws, Trayvon Martin & Jordan Davis mothers continue fighting to have them outlawed after losing their sons.

To Dismantle the Spokes on the Oppression Wheel

Whenever anyone is diminished, we are all demeaned, and the possibility for authentic community cannot be realized unless and until we become involved, to challenge, to question, to act.

Meet Miles Ezeilo, The Voice of A New Generation

Nick Chiles wants the world to see the fresh, talented voices coming from young men – and Miles Ezeilo is one to keep your eye on.

Black Male Achievement ≠ White Male Failure

There is increasing backlash from white men who feel vilified and targeted as being the source of all cultural ills.

Why Am I Scary?

LeRon Barton has experience navigating the world as a Black man, but the Jordan Davis killing has him asking why that needs to be a challenge.

A Bi-Racial Former Florida Prosecuting Attorney Speaks on Race in the Michael Dunn Verdict (Video) – Part II

Carmen Colon’s interview continues with Ken L. Foote Former Prosecuting Attorney on Race Implications in the Michael Dunn Trial.

It’s NOT Black People’s Job To ‘Look Beyond Race’

Lincoln Anthony Blades explains that When an innocent and unarmed Black man is gunned down by a white man, African Americans aren’t even allowed to express anger at the senseless killing.

“Dosen’t it bother you that disrespectful behavior…gives idiot racist fuel for their hatred?”

This comment by Paul on the post I, Too Am Jordan Davis

I, Too Am Jordan Davis

Edmund Adjapong states, “I am a Black, male, graduate student who attends an Ivy League university, who identifies with the Hip-Hop generation.” However the verdict in the Michael Dunn case tells him that society continues to view him as a problem.

A Bi-Racial Former Florida Prosecuting Attorney Speaks on Michael Dunn Verdict (Video)- Part 1

Carmen Colon interviews Ken L. Foote Former Florida Prosecuting Attorney on criminal prosecution techniques in Michael Dunn trial.

The Fears of a Black Mother: The Michael Dunn Verdict

A parent’s job is hard enough without worrying if their own child will lose their life for simply being a black teenager.