Hello, My Name Is Luay. I Was a Refugee

Luay Al Khatteeb can identify with the plight of refugees and with the countries struggling to provide for them. That doesn’t excuse us from helping.

A Brief History of . . . The NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Mike Kasdan looks back at the highlights from classic Slam Dunk Contests of yesteryear and previews this years contest.

Sports Explained: Basketball

How did we forget basketball!? Mike Kasdan makes amends.

What I Learned From My Dad About Being A Sports Fan: Perspective

Patrick Sallee learned from his dad that there are far more important things than sports and far greater people to admire than athletes.

Preaching Work-Life Balance, Coaches Arians and Wooden Are Role Models For Modern Fathers and Husbands

Wai Sallas explains that there are still good role models in sports . . . We’re just looking in the wrong place.

Bill Maher: Is ISIS a Real Threat to the US or a Fool’s Errand?

Are we repeating a failed foreign policy and wasting immense resources (blood and treasure) better spent on challenges of Climate Change, Unemployment, Income Inequality, Education,Economic Growth…?

Is Engaging Iraq a Humanitarian Imperative or Military Folly?

World involvement in Iraq is critical to saving lives and preventing a destabilized region from erupting into full chaos with disastrous worldwide implications

He’s a Giver, a Lover, and a Good Listener: Meet Jordan Gray, GMP’s Sex & Relationships Editor

There’s a new guy in town! Meet Jordan Gray, our new editor for Sex, Love and Relationships.

Syria’s Refugees: What Happens to Those Displaced by Violence?

Chris Hicke doesn’t want the 6 million Syrian refugees to be forgotten.

Muslim Mosh Pit

Young American men have sanctioned outlets for rage and rebellion their counterparts in conservative Islam do not.

Humor: The Tracy Jordan School of Grammar [@RealTracyMorgan]

Education is important to the ridiculous star of TGS …

Headscarves and Men Holding Hands: Coming Out as a Cultural Relativist

What cultural and moral relativism means for a discussion of gender roles.

Great Moments In Greatness: “… they’re not gonna know what hit them!”

Once upon a time, a team of American athletes stepped on to the world stage, poised to dominate unconditionally.

The 10 at 10

Devin Hester is a daddy blogger, the President has a computer, and Madden has a new concussion policy.