Journalist Outrage: Reader Comment Response

In an article last week, I questioned the lack of journalistic outrage at Trump’s threats toward freedom of the press. It struck a nerve, so here I respond to reader comments.

Hey Journalists: Where is the Outrage?

Donald Trump regularly bullies and insults the media, and has even threatened general freedom of the press. Curiously missing? Journalistic outrage.

Protecting a Voyeur

The murky ethics of a journalist protecting a voyeur for a story.

The Age of Nano News and Why We Must Pay

Al Jazeera’s Ehab Al Shihabi makes the case for smaller, more nimble local news outlets as the future of true investigative journalism.

Montreal’s Hunter S. Thompson: Ken Hechtman

John Faithful Hamer looks at the life of Ken Hechtman next to the great writer Hunter S Thompson.

What the Movie ‘Spotlight’ Says About the Future of Journalism

The movie about the pedophile priest scandal underscores that investigative journalism and making an impact is what really matters.

How Movies Move You: The Power of a Story

Spotlight illuminates the unique power of journalism to expose societal scandals.

A New Frontier of Journalism

Why a new regulator could be a game-changing moment for journalism.

From Journalist to Storyteller

Jerry Waxler’s interview with Carla Odell chronicles her transformation from a reporter to a writer of memoirs—for hire.

Who Is The Real Paul Ryan?

Is Congressman Paul Ryan’s latest round of outreach to the poor driven by humility and charity, or a desire for good press?

Only One Sentence David Carr Wrote Was BS

RIP David Carr (1956-2015)

Rolling Stone and UVA: The Intersection of Journalism and Victim Blaming

Christopher M. Anderson uses Rolling Stone’s recent retraction about their University of Virginia story about on-campus rape to underscore the crucial need for responsible journalism in cases involving victims.

An Open Letter to Sabrina Rubin Erdely

UVA rape survivor Elisabeth Corey has something to say to Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone about reporting on trauma.

How Do You Frighten Political Strongmen?

… Teach journalism.

How My Hate Mail Makes Me a Better Man

After twenty-five years of journalism and writing on the Internet, you’d think Lance Burson would be used to receiving hate mail. He’s not.